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God bless America and then leave us alone

No longer could I refrain my self from that which was starring me in the face. That the America I
love want every thing it can get from God but do not want him to dictate their lives.This sound
like Republicans wanting all they can get from the government but at the same time not wanting
the government in their lives. So they say.

This pass July 4th it was all over the media with some one on every news station saying "God
Bless America". When I heard this I was sicken in thought as to how could a country that try in
every step of the way to deny the words of God and then ask God to Bless them.

America has spoken to God and told him where they stand on specific issues. They feel he should
not interfere. He should not tell or suggest in any form or fashion how to live their lives. These
are the ruthless, lovers of themselves and those that deny the power of God that have drawn a
weapon on God the Father.

Hypocrites in America's will call a son or daughter repulsive if they talk back to their parents.
They would say it's a shame for children's to turn their backs on their father or mother. In our
moral system and schools we are taught to respect our fathers and elders because they are wise.

Yet, most of America tell God he doesn't no what he's doing. That America and puny other
countries on his planet can rule his creation and planet better than him. America even told God
they do not agree with his dislike for gays and said he discriminate. We make our own laws.

America even told God not to interfere with how it discipline it's children. That parents better not
whip or paddle their children hinder part like he said they should. In fact, if America could lay
hands on God they would bring him up on charges of Child abuse.

Scientists all across the world are trying to disprove God existence with a so-called finding of a
"God Particle",  believing rocks, atoms and molecules have the brain to create human beings.
This is really a slap to God's intelligence and frankly to mine also.

How can a rock or what ever they call it have the intelligence to decide to create, then think to
itself, "I'll call them human beings".  Then this rock of a molecule said first, I'll make a body. I'll
put space dirt within particles of a sealed water drop of different colors for races. Then throw a
skeleton seeds along with a brain atom for thinking and fertilizer juices to produce a head to
house the brain.

The head will have two eyes to see, nose to breath, two ears on each side of the head to hear, a
mouth with lips to talk and internal organs inside each so each can operated together.

Then the rock said I'll through in a neck seed to direct the working parts of the brain in the head
by turning and reacting to each. Then this rock molecules with brains said I'll make a body by
throwing in body seeds within the water drop forming a body with shoulders, arms, elbows,
wrists, hands and fingers with nails for picking up very tiny things that cannot be picked up with
rounded fingers.

The God particle of rock said I'll throw in a bit of this and that along with refined goober dust to
form the inners of the body. This goober dust automatically knows how to form a heart, lung,
carve out a throat with vocal cords, valves, stomach and intestinal's for you no what. More
goober dust taken from planet crazy and female and male organs will appear to populate the

Along side the Rock God Particle was two long pink seeds that shaped like an "L". This seed will
automatically join the body and produce working parts called legs once planted.

After the water molecule are jam packed and rolled around in the God rock nuggets of a hand and
sealed, the God rock took a bat it got from another particle called the bat rock and swung it
against the seal water drop containing humans seeds and slam it toward earth.

This was called the big bang theory. Thousands of  wet seeds burst forth from the water drop in
space and landed on an empty earth embedding themselves into the soil. After a period of time
the human seeds took root and began to burst forth from the ground like corn stalks.
Rows and rows of humans beings began to grow. After a period of time a cocoon was shed and
walla! Men! Walla! females! even studded stalks of children's.

If this sound stupid, then this is what America is starting to believe in. You see just how stupid
scientist are in trying to prove their is no God creator of man or an existence of a creator. Their
theory is ridiculous as you read.Yet, America is turning this way believing in such a idiotic
solution of how man began.

America's challenging God in every turn. Satan likes this and has his followers in the news to
help promote his propaganda. He has them downing and countering any one trying to up hold the
word of God.

With how America looks at God, his blessing are no longer here. Nor any place on earth where
his words are a curse to the hearer. We are fastly going down and the insults before God and
toward God will be handled in his time.

In the meantime the weak scary Church sits by holier than thou, scared of their shadow thinking
God is please with their doing nothing. They think everything is find as long as they can dress up,
play hallelujah thank you Jesus and this is suppose to win them a ticket into heaven.

I don't think so. The Church has failed God and there is nothing it can do to change things from
the way it is. It haven't accomplish very much for God in hundred's or thousands of years. People
just keep getting worst and worst. A Church that once had power is helpless.

For the few that is holding on, I say to you to continue to the end. As Paul would say, don't give
in to your lusts and evil thoughts. Fight injustice for God. Speak out even if it cost you.  Endure
to the end and you shall be saved.

Sylvester Stallone, an actor, once said and it's true, "live for something or die for nothing".
America, you better be careful! Now you think about that!


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