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Islamic Terror, Christian Nightmare
World Domination

Written September 11th 2001- a tragedy

This is one of the most frighten messages I have even written. Even more frighten than writing about the mystery religion of ancient Egypt. Why? Because I speaks out against the Islamic religion. Not to anger them but in hope that they may see the truth about it. I also want the Christians and America to continue to be aware of the potential danger of further terror that remain a constant threat. That threat is the Islamic religion. I will explain from the Koran and show in detail as I go along, what I'm talking about, so as to prove everything I am about to say. It is not intended to offend. But to show comparison between Jesus and Muhammed.

First of all, let me state that any book considered Holy cannot contain mistakes, errors or preach hate. If it does, then it cannot be considered the word of God. Again let me state that any book taken to be the word of God and given to a people to live by, must be believed and followed to the letter. If not, then that book is not Holy, and that god is not "the God" which the Jews and Christians worship. If also, that book tell one to hate another, or have nothing to do with other religions, or to kill innocent people, then that book is not divinely inspired by a loving God.

To begin with, I question Muhammed claim to be called by God to be of the priesthood or a prophet. He and his followers claim that He is the last messenger of God. Any messenger of God must bring a new message. In studying the Koran I see no "New Message". But what I do read is his constant quoting of Jewish and Christian religion. What I read also is his own philosophy and directions for every day Islamics to live by as any leader set limits to live by. Many are questionable. He teaches them to live peaceful lives amongst themselves. But I've read no new message he has from God. He only wrote about Jews and Christian religion just like any other 19th, 20th, or 21st century writer have done. That is, write commentaries on others religions. That's what Muhammed did. He simply took from the Jewish Torah and wrote his version of creation from Jewish accounts. He hated both, the Jews and Christian because they would not accept him into their religion because of his anger against them. He hated them and spent much time teaching his followers to do the same.

The Koran is full of him blasting Jews and Christians. The fact is that the Koran was written some time beyond 632 AD. The creation, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was thousands of years before the birth of Muhammed in 570 AD. The Christian religion was before his time also. 569 years before his birth was Christianity. Muhammed's knowledge of history which he claim God gave him, was taken from the Jewish Tanaka or Tennach which is the Torah (the law, which he copied), Neviim (the Prophets, whom he copied), and the Kesuvim (the writing, which he copied), also which he twisted and added to them. He copied and changed Jewish feasts, prayers, and laws, then changed them slightly for his own religion.

For example, the Jews worship and pray facing the Holy City Jerusalem, which is north. Muhammed and his followers worship and pray towards the east facing Mecca, with their backs facing Jerusalem. He wrote about Christian accounts of the New Testament which he read, copied, twisted and added to it. He spoke of many denials he cannot prove while claiming great knowledge of it even though he wasn't yet born. He twisted both religion of the Jews and Christians at attempts to make the Jews and Christians look like false religions and his as the only true religion. Muhammed also studied and copied the Jewish TALMUD which outlines (Mishna) which give explanations (Gemera) of the Torah. These are: (1) (Zeraim) the laws of agriculture, prayer and blessing, (2) (Moed) laws of Shabbos, which deals with the many holidays, (3) (Nashim) deals with the law of marriage and divorce, (4) (Nezikin) deals with damages, civil law, land and property disputes, theft, death and ethics, (5)(Kedoshim) deals with Holy things and sacrificies, (6) (Tohoros ) deal with ritual purities. These are told nearly the same way in the Koran with twists.  After being rejected by the Jews and Christians this is how Muhammed paid them back.

Before Mahammed created the Islamic religion of today, he worshipped the "Sun and moon", which I will show you later from the Koran that he still had beliefs in this pagan religion while professing to be the last messenger of God. Note that it wasn't just Muhammed's tribe who worshipped different gods, but other gentiles of the world also. People worship everything from trees to weeds to rocks and animals. Such was the case with Muhammed. His religion, like many others worshipped the sun and moon and worshiped this by way of carvings of the moon which was taken to Mecca to be placed into the shrine. Like Muhammed, most gentiles adopted the crescent moon and star as their symbol of worship also. Many organization today wear or use those same symbols on flags, and as hat ornaments. This is a matter of fact, because we all worshipped some kind of god as pagans. Rome and Greek had thousands.

Muslim scholars want to claim Ismael's God. But many many generation have past, even thousands of years, where the true God of Ismael has been forgotten. Probably within months or years of Ismael's separation from Abraham. Mahammed tribe, called the Quarish tribe, served artificial gods. Every nation had one or thousands. You must ask the question. Before Muhammed, what and whom did gentiles serve. The only true God before the birth of Muhammed was the Jewish God who is the God of the Christians also. At the time of Muhammed birth in 570 AD, the word Allah pertained to god or gods. It did not refer to the God of Israel or the Christians. But pertained to what ever Items that were claimed to be Holy. That's why Muhammed deny the Jewish God. We must understand that we are dealing with two identities. God vs god. Jews and Christian God vs Allah (god).

Pagan Worship

Now, pagan worship by Muhammed you will find in Al-Inshiqaq 84:16-19

So I swear by the afterglow of sunset, and by the night and whatsoever it gathers in it's darkness, and by the moon when it is at the full. You shall certainly travel from stage to stage.

Is this moon worshiping or what. He swears by the Night, the Sun, and the Moon. So sad that followers will not read their own book. Remember, this is a Holy Book, and all who follow it must follow the examples of Muhammed. You also, must swear by the Night, Sun, and Moon.

One more thing I want to mention with much important. Prophets of God came through Jacob the son of Abraham. There is no other account of God calling anyone else out side of the line of Jacob to speak to his people or the people of the world. Muhammed claim to be the first, yet his message is of the Jews and Christians. If indeed Muhammed is a Prophet, then he must be in the line of Jacob which would make him an Israelite. There are Muslims scholars today trying to relate Muhammed with the prophets. They try to find a place for Muhammed out of the Jewish Torah. They quote many scriptures in an attempt to gain acceptance for Muhammed. They do not believe in the Jewish God or the Christian God, yet, they study it trying to prove Muhammed. Very strange. Why spend so much time studying a book one do not believe in. Why can't Muhammed be proved from the very book he claim God gave to him? It' because all history is found in the Jewish books?

Most Islamics are not allowed to read other books. By this, they cannot learn any other history about their religion. By studying only the Koran they are forced to believe in nothing else except the writings of Muhammed. Most will not read anything that speak against Muhammed whether it's true or not. Even with factual history they are told not to believe it. Only Muhamed can tell the truth. Once one accepts Islam religion it seem something take over their minds and most cannot and will not listen to anyone who question their religion. And anyone who does is faced with hostility. In my experiencies with "black Muslims", I've found they are only peaceful when they are doing all of the talking. Most of their talking is against everyone else's religion especially Christianity. Once you come against their religion, the conversation is over with. They become loud and rude. I have received threats and called names by many of the black Muslims I come in contact with. I will also show as I go along how black Muslim in this country and else where are not completely taken in as comrades by true Islamics as they think they are.

Another things I find puzzling is that I can never find anything published about Muhammed's violence wars against Jews and Christians written by Muslims on the web. History give many account of murder by Muhammed, even to his own people. Yet, Muslim scholars will not write about it. Why? All speak of Muhammed as though he never did a bad thing. Not true.

I know you are waiting for me to get to some of these facts, so I will start now. Remember, the information is taken from the Muslim's own book, the Koran. I'm not making anything up, but simply pointing out their own teachings to them, which will prove their book is not Holy or divinely inspired. But the Christian Bible is.

How does the Koran see the relationship between Islamics, Jews, Christians, or any other people? According to the Koran Book it see it one way. The Koran way. So lets read our second Muhammed quote from the Koran.

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