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Is Tithing for the new Church? The answer is No!

Tithing is the most lied on and misunderstood actions there are in the Bible. For it is the mean for ministering wolves to fill their bank accounts and their associates accounts off the backs of poor people and unlearned wealthy ones. It is a means for slick preachers to pastor and con followers to build huge and beautiful Churches to show their power on the alter supposedly granted to them by the will of God.

How can so many poor people, middle class and wealthy people become so easily fooled? Well, I can tell you this. Many Church followers are those not fully clothed in understanding. That is, they rely on a leader to lead them rather than studying and asking God for an understanding of what they read in order that they may know the truth when they hear it.

The bible say to study to show yourself approved. But most church folks believe they can trust any one that say they "have been ordain by God" and "you should listen to me because I am the voice of God". And "God said to submit to those in authority over you".

I could quote many more scriptures used on folks to subdue their mind but lets read some scriptures you want read for yourself.

The first tithing is recorded in Genesis 14:20, in which Abraham gave a tithe of his treasure to the high priest, Melchizedek. Five hundred years later, it's written that God set up a tithing law for the Israelites to support the priests and Levites serving in the Tent of Meeting (Numbers 18:21-16). Also, Jewish males paid annual temple taxes (Exodus 38:26). King Solomon demanded a temple tax and tithes to support temple priests when he built the first temple in Jerusalem in 960 B.C. When the temple was destroyed in 70 A.D., the temple tax stopped because there was no temple.

The book in the bible most crooks use to rattle the brain of folks is Malachi 3: 8-11. "Will a man rob God ? Yet he robbed me", and don't forget this favorite one, " 10. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it."

This is the killer of all pocket books and the pastors knows it. He will play the Malach card every time to get your money because he knows that it's greed that's pushes you followed by conviction. 

Now let's look at something that the pastor want preach to you.

First of all, there is no indication that the New Church is told to pay tithes or taxes or any thing else for that matter. The Church is New. For many pastors, they will never tell you that becoming saved or accepting Jesus is FREE WILL, thereby making Christianity a FREE Will religion. If you don't know what that mean, it mean that God doesn't make us love him or something bad will happen to us. You better pay tithes or you will suffer or have bad "luck" (pagan). Yucks!!

Listen! Like the law then and the law now, we obey the law because it was decreed to. We got to. We abide by it or go to jail, get fined or some other odd jobs be done to compensate for our actions of breaking the law. So, we abide by the law because we are told to. We are also afraid of the law. It make us follow rules and regulations. We live in this world to obey them. We tell on other when we see them do a crime or break the law.

However, we can violate these laws when ever we want to and many times do it because nobody see us do it.  We violate the law and get away with it because there is no police around to arrest us. No guilt!

The different in FREE WILL and being under grace is this. We automatically know the law of God in our hearts. We don't need the law to scare us into doing right. We do right because it is the right thing to do. We don't need to have written laws to read. The law of God is now written on our heart because we read how God want us to act and we act accordingly to the way Jesus told us. We need no written reminder.

God has always wanted the Jews to "write these things (laws) on their heart", but they never got it. Oh yea! So we grow in grace every day. Thinking Freely how to further improve our lives based on love and charity.

God do not make us pay tithes nor threaten us. In fact, under FREE WILL we pay what we want to. We give what we want to based on how much we have. But wait! We don't give just to make some one rich either. We give for a cause to help the needed and the up keep of our sanctuary. We give because we care. Because I want to. I don't want any one telling me how much I should put in or give. That my right only. And I want to know what I'm giving to.

Salvation is FREE to any one who want it. You can take it or leave it. So if you want FREE salvation, then every thing that comes along with it is FREE! That's the bottom line.

Next! There is always some slick pastor who can turn what I say completely around. But tell them. I thought we were under FREE WILL, FREE GRACE? Isn't SALVATION FREE? If he's half a pastor he will say, YES!


What is it? (Matthew 27):  It's Christ death on the cross. It's the tearing or ripping in half the veil or curtain " at the moment of Jesus death. It bought an end to the OLD Testament and introduce the NEW TESTAMENT. The Old testament was torn. A New Will and Testament has begin. When a will is torn up it no longer represent what it once said unless what was in it is added to the new will. The Old is now an example, future predictions. It is still for now to learn from, what once was and how it lead to the New. The NEW finalized the promise of the Old and brought a new beginning for mankind and Christianity.

The New Church did not come with the Old Testament. We do not stone people to death. We do not serve God the Old way. It come with a New Beginning for man kind through the good news of Jesus Christ.

Is tithing real? Yes! But not buy the OLD way. Pay your tithes and offering as the Church has gotten together and all made vows to how much one will pay according to that person or that Church.  If that Church body agree to ten percent, then let it be that the Church agree to it and not God forcing you to. But let those that cannot pay ten percent do what they can. If you are forced to pay ten percent and you know you can't, my word to you is to leave that Church because it is not about you but your money.

As I have always said, lies and lies on God will put many in hell. Because of what money can buy, this will continue. Nobody is getting but the PASTOR and his KREW. You will always ignorant people to sucker because they want to be more than they are. They begin to say to the poor, "look what God gave me. I got it because I gave or I give much money. I pay my tithe and I was blessed. Yet, the poor say, "I pay tithes, so why haven't I became wealthy like you". "Why am I still struggling". "Could it be that you have a good job and pay out of your over abundance". 

Tithing is not for the NEW CHURCH. It is FREE WILL OFFERING!  FREE GRACE! Just Think About It!


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