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Boarding On Pure Faith
Luke 5:1-12

Let us Pray! Heavenly Father give the reader and hearer the Spirit to become doers. Let us be over shadowed by the word in such a way that it becomes our daily living for God through Christ our Lord. This we pray in Jesus name. Amen...

I want you to follow along with me with your Bibles as I bring you this message from God. We are discussing the urgent need to get aboard Christ and have faith in Him. Having faith in Christ is having faith in God. Remember, Jesus said, "I and my Father are one" [Jn. 10:29]. Since everything comes through Jesus Christ, and we have access to God only through Jesus, so it is only natural that faith in God must also come through Jesus. "Makes sense to me."

But first let me bring you up to date as to where we are before continuing on with Luke 5:1. Look with me at Luke 4th chapter, beginning with the the 13th and 14th verse. It reads, "And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season. And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about."

Jesus had received the Holy Spirit from God the Father and immediately went out into the wilderness. He was in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights. It was after the 40 days and nights that Satan came to tempt Jesus. Notice that Satan waited until he thought Jesus was at his lowest moment. He was tired and hungry and like most of us was weak in body and spirit. Satan waited and watch Jesus as He went through his ordeal. He watched Him get weaker and weaker before he decided to confront Him {see Luke 4:1]. That's what Satan will do to us also. He'll wait until our weakest moments before attacking us. When bills are pressing, marriage problems, problems with our children's, problems on the job, being tempted by friends to do something we know is against God. Satan waits for those low points in a Christian life to attack him.  That's because he's afraid of you when the spirit in you is calm, awake, aware and  stands ready to defend one's self.

Satan waits for times when you are frustrated and angry, upset, worried, sick and along to manifest himself in you. He'll use these times to make you curse and swear, submit to your worldly friends, submit to old habits, and of course, turn on God. He want you to lose faith in God because of what is happening to you. He want you to curse God for what you're going through.

........Let's stop right here because some Immortal human is saying they don't have Satan in them. Well, since we are born in the sin that Satan caused and since we are in the world and not immortals, then we are of the world which is sin and that subjects us to sin and Satan. "Who among you with out sin cast the first stone". We should try every day to not sin but it is hard. The more we know about our sins and the more spiritual understanding we accept then we are sinners growing in grace. Only after we become immortals can we become perfect. That's up to God! Learn to recognize sin and take control over it. That is the will of God......

Now back to what I was saying about Satan wanting you to curse God when things are going bad. Listen! Don't do it!! Don't ever give in to Satan, but fight, fight, fight! The sad part is so many will do just that, - Give in! But friends, let me tell you something that's a fact. I will vouch for God's faithfulness of his words. Many times He's come to my rescue through thought and meditation that lead me toward proper reasoning and decisions. To receive his help took patience and a clear head to analyze where I am and where I want to go. I had to resist Satan's anger against me by getting aboard God's ship and riding it all the way home. Not letting Satan confuse and twist me into thinking I can't over come. You can over come, we can over come if we put fort the effort.

Here's something else we should keep in our memory. That is, knowing the goodness of God and knowing that God, not Satan, is my(our) creator, and that He want the best for me(us), both here on this earth and in the next life to come is enough to cause me(us) to resist Satan. We can only do it with the word of God living in us. As you see in Luke, Jesus resisted Satan by quoting the living word. He resisted him and Satan left him. Jesus has faith in God's word. He believe in God and knew that God would always be there no matter the situation. No matter that he was alone, hungry and thirsty, he knew that God and God only was his provider and sustainer. Jesus fought on. Jesus didn't use any miricles or magic or any special help from God other than standing on the written word, "Resist". If we are to resist Satan we must have faith through belief and remembrance of scriptures like Jesus did.

Next, we see that Satan left Jesus, but only for a season. As you read more Bible you'll see how the Jews treated Jesus. You'll see clearly that Satan returned again, again, and again. Remember, we are in a battle against Satan [ Ephesians 6:11-18 "put on the armor of God" ]. We will lose some scrimmages, but never the war. It has already been won by Jesus on the cross, His death, burial and resurrection was Satan's defeat.

Again notice in these two verses that after the victory Jesus left in power and began preaching the word. He went into the wilderness (trouble) and battled, but came out victorious and with more power. When we go into the wilderness we shouldn't doubt, but stand firm, have faith and we will overcome Satan too. You know I feel great when I win a battle. I feel like telling somebody about Jesus, and what He's done for me. Here's a good one! "What He has done for me, He'll do for you," what he has done for others, He'll do for you too". This was an old song, titled "It ain't no secret what God can do". "What he done for others he'll do for you".

Enough tear jerker, Lets move on to Dr. Luke 5th chapter. I'll bring you up to date as to what has occurred. You can read it all latter in Matthew 4th chapter and Mark 1:12. I'll highlight a bit for you.

After this, Jesus preached in the synagogue. He preached through out Galilee, from Capernaum, to Decapolis, from Jerusalem, Judaea, and beyond Jordan. You see the power, the confident Jesus now has. This is what God want us to do once we receive His Spirit. He doesn't want us to sit still, do nothing but come to Church. God in us make us want to do his will like Jesus did. Jesus in His power healed the sick, lamed and diseased. He casts out demons, but most of all He preached the word. The word is the only thing that can set us free [ "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Jn. 8:32 ].

Learn the word and turn it into a lethal weapon of prayer and faith. You can only have a relationship with God through his living word. prayer is our silent time with God. It is a one on one conversation between us. Don't let anyone fool you, prayer do work. It still heals broken hearts, solve problems, and send Satan screaming.

Some say prayer does not work. Don't believe it? Prayer do works if you want it to work. But to work you must be a part of it. The best prayer I know to pray is to pray for "understanding and knowledge". With it you have enough sense to go to the doctor when you get sick and not lay around and say "Lord help me" when God has already provided a way for you to get well. No matter how much you pray, God is not going to give you a glass of water when the glass is sitting right in front of you. You must reach out on faith that you can pick up that glass of water and drink it. For example again: "I pray to God that I can get". "My desire is to reach out and get the glass of water" and when I get it I will drink of the goodness of God and I will give him praise for allowing me to drink of his creation. Just get right with God, trust, believe and have faith in Him. Then, when you pray, ask God in the Spirit to help you "think on these things".

Let me go back a bit. When I talked about getting right with God, I mean getting right! Not half stepping like so many are doing today.

LET'S CONTINUE... Anyway, Jesus preached the word in such a way after coming out of the wilderness (tested, sorrow, trouble, pain, etc) that the Jews and others literally mobbed him, wanting to hear more of what He had to say. Wouldn't it be great today if people actually wanted to hear what God is saying, and actually obeyed his word from hearing. Wow! If ministers would just preach the truth from the Bible, not caring who it hurt. And just supposed what the world would be like if people who heard it would obey it. Man, what a place this would be!

Let's look at Luke 5.1,2,3. The people crowded him in such a way that he needed space from them. Not to get away, but to find a place to really tell of His Father. He enjoyed speaking of His Father like we, as children of God should enjoy talking to each other and others about the goodness of God. If we say we are servant then we need to start acting like servants. We will some join the war. As far as Satan is concern it is still going on. We, you need to armor up. Get brave. Stop being a coward. God doesn't need a coward. You figure that out!

Jesus boarded the ship and began to preach. After preaching He notice that the fishermen aboard the ship were sitting in shallow water, because they had caught no fish from a previous trip out on the sea. He saw them cleaning their nets and packing up to leave. So many of us are quick to give up too. We do not give God time enough to work for us. We don't take enough time figure out our situation. We want everything right now. And if "right now" doesn't take place, we lose faith  just like the fishermen lost faith in the sea. There's an old cliche that says, " if at first you don't succeed, try and try again." Just because your  prayer or desire didn't work out today doesn't mean we stop praying because it might happen tomorrow. We keep working at it until it happen or until we see that hope is futile. Then we start all over again and wait and think on these things and other things later. We win some and lose some. Remember, Paul said he "put up a good fight". It's not about how you lose, but how you finish.

Next, Jesus told Simon to launch out into the deep once again. Simon, said, "Jesus, we have already been out there. We fished all night and caught nothing, but I will do as you say. Simon does something here in which we should follow his example. What is it? It's what he said and done. He said, "but I will do as you say". It's obedience! We don't know all the answers, but God does. So, when he speak to us through the Spirit word in us we should be silent and obedience. Listen! His word is best for us.

Look what happened through faith and obedience. They followed Jesus advice, threw their nets over the side of the ship and wallah! Their nets became full of fish. So much so that their nets started to tear. Their ship sunked low in the water because of the tremendous load. I guess you might say, their "cup runneth over."

You see, my God always give more than what you and I ask for. Malachi 3:10 say, "Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of host, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it."

And guess what? Your blessing will overflow to someone else. You'll began to give and help others. Simon and his coworkers immediately called out to the other ships and said , "come," I have Jesus for you! Don't that sound great! Simon wanted to apologize to Jesus for not trusting him. So did the rest of them, because they saw something done which was never done before. They wanted to share Jesus with every one else.

As I said, Simon apologized and Jesus just said,  Hey, forget it bro! This is ain't nothing! Brothers you ain't seen nothing yet. "If you think catching fish this way is exciting", "If you think caring those fishes home to love ones and to selling them is a great thing", well, "I'm going to have you do something greater than this". "I'm going to have you fish for men", "to bring them into the kingdom of God". "You can do it". You'll be my disciple going out into the deep harvest, telling people that when they get aboard and stay aboard my ship, my father will provide for them and take care of them, and bring them saftly home with Him". Then we all will have a big celebration.

Isn't it about time to get aboard? You think about it!

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