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There is No such thing as a born again Christian. Once again backward and confused teaching is rampant in the Republican Churches.

Down in South Carolina the Republicans are claiming to be "born again Christians" like no one else in the world can be Christians except them. I know they are false worshipers because you have to be mighty ignorant of the word of God to think God is a party member and see things only the way Republicans Churches want him too. In other words, the rest of us are wasting our time serving him because he is a Republican.

Their frame of mind have separated God from us.That is, God has already determine the fate of the rest of us, not because we too serve him, but because we are Democrats or Democratic Christians.

Republicans pastors are the worst liars and under cover haters I find using the word of God to divide the people and the races. Behind dark walls and hidden shadowed buildings they twist bible scripture to suit their needs. They pastor flocks of wolves that soon as rip your throat out than give a morsel of food or a fresh glass of water to the poor.

But with hidden agenda's they pretend to show outwards behavior of passion by giving a small amount of gesture to fool the needed in pretending they care. Thus, making the unknowing poor their unwilling modern day slave while they eat from the table of plenty.

Because of Republican pastors rich statuses, people seems to follow them blindly, never challenging what they say or do. In South Carolina and across the country they actually believe they are Christians. I would like to see a Christian Republicans. According to the bible and being obedience to the entire word of it, they cannot show me where they are Godly. Godly people does not act this way. They are busy studying but never coming to the understanding of the truth.

Now! In South Carolina and else where the Church as a whole, meaning Democrats and Democratic Christians too have listen while these evangelical Republican Christians put drubbed up words of sounding power in their heads and mouths by using words like, " I'm a born again Christian", as a way to separate the good from the bad and I'm better than you.

Let's take a look at where they claim the term "born again Christian" came from. They are using John 3:1-8 where Jesus tell Nicodemus "he must be born again". Then Jesus went on to say, "born of the spirit". This simply means that a person must accept Jesus and his saying as the Son of God. That one must change from the old you into the new you. Believing in his words and taking to them heart is the"Spirit" because the "Spirit" is the "Word". Unless this become part of you, no one shall see the Kingdom of Heaven.

There is no mention as to Nicodemus being born as a Christian because firstly, the world Christian was never used until after the death of Christ. So the use of the word "Christian" in John 3:1-8 is not correct. Next, to be born again as a Christian mean you were once a Christian and folks that's just don't make no sense. How can a Christian be born a Christian. There is "No" such thing as a born again Christian. You're either a Christian or you're not. Once again backward and confused teaching is rampant in the Republican Church and around the world.

If a so-called Christian go back into the world, he  was never a Christian. Just a "Pretender". The Church is full of "Pretenders". Think about it!