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Christ(Mass) Lies of Most Churches ....

I will prove that most ministers are preaching falsely the birth of Christ..

In this session on Christmas I will attempt to correct the lies told by ministers and pastors to their congregation for years. What I am about to tell you will make you look at your life differently. I am not attempting to put down pastors, but just to let you know that you should be very careful at what is taught to you and if what's being taught is the absolute truth.  For example: Is this false birth day Christ as they preach?

Most people consider television Evangelist to be the voice of God. We have such ones as Pat Robertson, Colson, Carlton Pearson, TD Jake, Books, Billy Graham, and many other religious TV and radio programs, all proclaiming to be doing God's will, say December 25nth is the birth of Jesus Christ.

Lies by ministers does not rest with TV and radio personalities, but also extend to most local churches.
What if you found out that your pastor or leaders have being lying to you for years? What would you do? Would you approach him or her and question what they preach, or would you let the lie continue because it may stop the fun in your life or go against the grain?

What I'm about to tell you is not to put down your pastor or minister, but to correct him or her not to continue to preach a lie to God's people. It is to show you that God call very special people to the ministry. One that will stand no matter the hurt they endure because of it. He only call those who will tell the absolute truth.  There is a different between a minister ordained by his organization and one ordained by the words of God to obey God's word. They are Not ordained by God because this is impossible for today. Being ordain by an organization leave room for much lies.

If you have a problem with the truth do not read any further. If you have no need to change, do not read any further. But If you desire to know the absolute truth, then proceed. However, this is your Last WARNING! TO TURN BACK!

Delivering The Truth
For you to get a greater understanding of what I'm about to teach you, I must take you to the Bible. For you, the practitioner, this is the one source you must believe in. If and after reading these scriptures you still do not believe, then you should find yourself another religion to get into, favorablely the secular world.

Let's view some scriptures about lying.
Psalms: 31:6, David said, " I hated them that regard lying vanities: but I trust in the Lord". This reminds me of my self when I with held from joining the crowd, the world, so to speak. There are many in the Church that disregarded the word of God for their own pleasure. They enjoy the world and the going on in it. As David, being a man of God as we are Christian, I hated what the people are doing. I wonder why the Church of today do not. They say they do, but they really do not.

Another scripture reads,

31:18 "Let the lying lips be put to silence: which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous".

This is what I intend to do. Put the lying lips to silence.

People will talk about you if you discontinue hanging with them. You'll be an outcast. But David said that's all right. We can still find glory and comfort in his grace.Again in Psalms 40:4 the psalmist says,

"Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies".

We who stand have our reward in heaven, but the no it all will end up in hell.

Psalms 52:3 reads, "thou lovest evil more than good: and lying rather than to speak righteousness".

You will never hear the Church of today on a whole, make an issue out adultery and fonication like they do for abortion. They say they are moral but it's not true. They are cowards.

Psalms 101:7 reads, "He that worketh deceipt shall not dwell within my house: he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight".

Let's take a look a few scriptures in Proverbs and then I will expose this great lie.

Proverb 6:16 reads, "These sixth things doth the Lord hates, yea, seven are an abomination unto him". I will skip the lot, you can read them later, but the one I want you to see is this one. "a lying tongue"

Now that we got that out in the open, lets now talk about Christmas. I'm not going to take you through all the Christmas huppla, you can read that in my other writing on Christmas. What I want to do is take you right to the nitty gritty.

Shocking Revelation To The Church
Christmas is a time of year when not only the Church but the world comes together and attempt to worship God is a special way, using Jesus as the means to wipe away all sin and iniquities. Pastors tell the people this is the time to be more open to Jesus, because it is his birthday. That God sent his son to us on this day so that the world might be saved through him. They preach of the Bible birth of him, the cradle, the animals the myrrh, the star, the wise men, the angles. They tell a good story, mostly mixed with true and false all the way to pin pointing the day he was born, December 25th.

Like I said, some of the stories are true and some are false. Now here is where the pastors start to lie on God. They all state Jesus was born on December 25th. Well, Jesus was not born on December 25th. No one really knows the exact date. But some do put it around August thru  September, which is far from December. Most ministers knows this, but continue on to preach Christ birth on this date even though they know the Catholic Church ordered this date. Or do they. Some say It doesn't matter as long as we celebrate him. Others say, in a justifying manner, who better to honor on that date? I hate cop outs!

Here is where I part with the rest of the Church. As a minister of God, I am bound to up hold every word of God. I am not at liberty to give God what I want to give him and then tell him he must like it or not. The Church tells God, yes, we now you was not born on this day, but we have so much fun celebrating it with the rest of the secular world for you. Yes we know you said to stay away from the world, but it's no harm in giving you praise this way. Besides, all the sinners get to come to Church that day and worship you. We can't get them in no other time. And we know you like it because the Catholic Church has declared it so.

Listen to what God said. He said December 25th is a lie. He said, my son was not born on that date. Jesus said he was not born on that date either, but does know his true date, but did not tell. God said in my spirit, if I accept that day, then I would be accepting a lie. And ordaining this day as Jesus's birth would be a lie. This would make me a liar. And if I accept this day as truth, then what else would the people think is twisted or profaned in the bible, my words, said my spirit..

God is saying no matter how many Church meetings, programs, festivities, or sermons heard or told in honor of him for that date, it will not be heard of him. Many ministers will try to explain this away because they don't want to be seen as being in the wrong as pastors. They will twist this message because they want you to be part of the world. But you now know the truth. They are all liars. And if they preach a lie against God, then they could not be called by God to preach, but by their own will and organization. But they can correct this. There is no shame in it.

The Church needs to get back to the true Church. Many Pastors are in the pulpit for gain. It's a money thing as you can see. They will do and accept any thing that will make their followers happy enough to keep the money coming. But the people perish for the lack of knowledge.

People you need to start asking questions. Every thing is not as it appears. One question you can ask yourself is this. What does the world celebrate that the Church doesn't celebrate? What do the Church celebrate that the world does not celebrate? There is no different. Yet, I see all of these people, supposably filled with the Spirit attempting to give God the devil's stuff. I'm reminded of people who say they use to dance for the devil, now they dance for the Lord. Well again, God don't want the devil's stuff.

Is there any one out there who will stand for the Lord? Who will talk out for the Lord? There are some, but not many. I doubt that you will ever see the great TV and radio ministers stand up and tell the world, "the Church will no longer celebrate this false birth day of Christ or Easter". No! You will never see it because their money train will come to an end. So I appeal to those who want a place in heaven to stop now while you have the time. God want people who will stand for him in every situation. Life or death.

Now you know the truth. What will you do? STAND! STAND! Spread this word to your friends and love ones. Stop being scared. Tell the truth to the people.

God bless this writing and the readers.


More about Christmas written in 2003

There are no shepherds in the fields tending sheeps in the winter time Dec. 25th.

I know there has been many who read my column on Christmas and made changes to their life. For them I congratulate and say welcome to the kingdom. However there are some people who, like Lot's wife, who think they can play both sides. That is the side of the devil and that of God. We find many who will find some thing to keep them hanging on to Christmas. These enjoy it so much that they ignore what the bible say, and join with the world any way.

They say for example, "I'm a good Christian most of the year. I just like and enjoy the holiday with the world. Besides, I'm serving Christ and I'm not in to Santa Claus. I know better. Nothing wrong with celebrating Christ. Beside this is a good time to bring sinners into the Church".

Sweet saying, but it want wash. Let me add some scriptures here before some smart minister add in (Luke 2:6-14)"behold, I bring you good tiding of great joy, which shall be to all people," or "Peace on earth good will toward men'" or For unto you is born this day in the city of David, which is Christ the Lord", to throw you off the tract of truth." Don't misunderstand me. The scriptures are true, but they are used by others to distort the truth about the pagan Christmas. Lets read how Christian are suppose to control their life. ii Corinthians 6:14-18.

Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Be'-li-al? or what hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing: and I will receive you. And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the lord Almighty.

The Church of today refuse to separate themselves from the world. Rather they concoct some excuse to make special holidays religious holidays in order to be a part of it.

Here are but a few excuses church members have to keep them wanting joy on December 25th. After all, they never have this kind of joy during the rest of the year, because Jesus only allow this kind of love once a year, and any one who can can get on board. This is the time that God's love really explodes. No matter how much you suffered the other 11 months, God has given the wonderful loving and giving folks special anointing to lift your spirit with ham, apples, oranges, and toys. These are the life giving fruits that will enable you to hang on till next year all in the name of God's love just on Dec. 25th.

Would you believe that pastors actually preach this. Not the fruit stuff, but, that this is the season when God really save sinners. I sit and watch ministers work hard to convince their audience that this is the time God works best. This is the time when we all, no matter whether we serve God or not come together and just show your love. Give a gift once a year and God will bless you all year long. Some smart pastor will say, we all celebrating Christ. We are not like the heathens. We celebrate the birth of Christ and his death, burial, and resurrection. Besides, he had to be born before he could go to the cross and die for our sins. So, there is nothing wrong with celebrating his birth.

Slick talking. Absolutely correct, partially. Partially is what has come to be know as a half truth. To the untrained mind, this is believable. But let's break down this kind of thinking and see if the pastors are totally true.

First, let me say this. I have been scorn for not being ordained by man, THAT IS, BY A LOCAL CHURCH MINISTER OR ORGANIZATION. In my ministry, This has hurt me more than once. I am compelled by the Spirit (words) of God to carry his word. If you read my church pages you will see that my messages are not sugar coated for today's churches. With what is allowed to go on, I could not preach the things that God give me to preach and still maintain a position in the local Church. The reason being, is that the truth in my messages are not what the church want to hear. We are living in a time when Satan is having a bigger role in lives than what we think.

Hear is what Jesus said through Paul in II Timothy 4:3 .. Paul wrote to Timothy and told him this. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrines; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4:4 .. And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fable.

When was the last time you heard some one really preach this with changing power? Now what is a fable? It is untruth. It's a made up story that strike the interest of the hearer (itching ears). Christmas is a fable. The reason being is that it carry untruth mix with truth about events in the bible. For example, Christmas carry a false date of birth about Christ, December 25th. Some say it does not matter. But it does. A lie is a lie. What if God gave us wrong information. We couldn't trust anything he said.

Next, the issue of three wise men are false. The bible do not speak of such. There were just wise men. A lot more than 3 up to even 12. Now I put forth a question to you. Will God ordained ministers to tell a half truth or a lie or let his people be so confused for so many years? I think not. I know we make mistakes, but we don't say God told us to do them. Being compelled by God's word mean to take a stand against what is wrong. All wrong.

I believe a person truly into God will preach the truth regardless of who it hurts. Christ was killed for speaking the truth. Are your life worth more than his. This mean a good minister should do research. He challenge things which seem to be suspicious. He listen to what others are saying and do research into what is facts and not a fact. God ministers strive to make sure that they teach the truth. II Timothy 2:15 say, Study to show thy self approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Do many divide the truth or go along with it? That's what the church does today. It goes along with anything. But what about ministers who are standing  by God? Well, the few there are, are  taking a stand to help those who are ignorant of the truth. Things I preach about you do not hear in the Church. I study to show my self approved to represent God. That mean I do not take every thing a person say or said for total truth with out checking it out. I read history. I want to know why I am told to do this or that. When people tell me something that I never heard before it make me hungry to find the truth. God's people should be hungry for the truth. God want you to know the truth. John 8:32,

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

The truth will set your free only as long as you will live by it. Most ministers of today are ordained by man into an organization who's doctrine control their behavior. I am compelled by God who's word control my action. Being compelled by God will bring you heart aches. It all ways does. You are constantly challenged. You must fight harder even though you are disbelieved. You are ridiculed and brought to an almost shut down. But God word will be heard, and some will believe it and take a stand to live by it.

Would God allow Christmas trees to honor him? Let's be practical. These are the same trees worship through out parts of the world as to have power over life. They predate Christmas. What about candy canes. Nothing to do with Christ. The same for camels, goats, sheep's, wreaths, bows, lights, deer's, snow mans.

Now the big question. Is God still a baby. I want you to search the scriptures on that one. But the answer is, No! He is a God. You don't celebrate your birthday from a baby stand point . Think how Jesus must be looking down on these silly folks not celebrating him as a man God, but as a baby. He see people sitting around displaying cribs in their yards and completely ignoring that he has grown up. He is a God!

Wouldn't it be funny if a band of people invited you to your surprise birthday party. You go hoping they would be showering you with gifts of love. But when you got there, you find people sitting around looking at your baby pictures. They have your first cap, or baby booties lying around in pretty boxes. They are singing lulu byes. Suddenly some one brings up your first laugh. Your first da, da. Some one even remember a song they thought you might like as a baby. They break out in a song and every one else sing along. Every one totally ignore the real you because it's your baby celebration there're interested in.  Not you!

Suddenly they turn and see you and say, "we know you're grown up and we love you, but, we like you so much more as a baby. As they turn back and ignore you, you stand up and take a step backward in disbelief. You gaze at them trying to figure out, "what's wrong with these people". "Can't they see that it's time to move on and see what I was born to do just like every one else was born to do something, not as an infant, but in my grown up state? With sadness you turn and walk away until the day passes.

Jesus was born for a purpose just as you and I was born for a purpose. What purpose? His purpose was to die for our sins and be raised from the grave to show that through his death, burial and resurrection, we also can live after death if we obey. Ours are to worship God through Jesus Christ the man. And, be a witness, Matthew 24:14, And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations: and then shall the end come. That's Jesus purpose,and our purpose.

Since the Catholic Church started this some where around the fourth century, it's only fair that we see what they think about baby Jesus. That is, how they worship him. They set the standard for the purpose of Christmas. Here is a piece taken from a Catholc book entitle "THE YEAR MADE HOLY" written February 23, 1961 by Monsignor Matthias Premm, a German, and translated by Colman J. O'Donovan. It was printd by the Bruce Publishing Company in Milwaukee. This book is Catholic standard for all Catholic. It read on page 24, "0CTAVE OF THE NATIVITY".

"Every time we begin a new year, Jesus lies once more as a Child in the manger." "In humble faith, and full of trust in God, let us pray to the Child in the manger that he may direct and guide our dstiny too in the year that has just begun, and let us surrender ourselves utterly to His loving guidance".

Page 19 3rd paragraph read,

"In the third Christmas Mass, the real festival Mass, we too, in fact the whole world, gather round the manger,...."for in it we are paying homage to the little Child as the Lord of the World"

This is the intent of Christmas. There is no other reason one would celebrate a baby birthday except to worship it. Jesus death, burial, and resurrection is only thrown in as an attempt to cover the real reason so the church can continually celebrate it. But it's what it's meant to be and that's that. Again I ask, how can you celebrate Jesus as baby when he's a God? But you do see that the rest of the church is following the lead of the Catholic Church. Thereby celebrating their reasoning.

Next, The Christmas tree has been ruled by the U.S. Courts as being secular. Not a Christian relic. Many churches know this, yet, they flaunt idols in God's face. Before the 4th century the tree was part of the harvest and solstice festival. It included moon worshiping as well as sun worshiping. The celebration included, dancing, drinkind, eating, new clothing, gifts, trees and flowers. In Jerimiah 10th chapter 3, 4, the tree was even deck with silver and gold long before Jesus was born.

Why don't the church require of the cities to display the name of Jesus to line the streets of cities rather than sugar canes, branches, wreathes, snow flakes, snow man and the list goes on? The reason is because the government want allow it. Because It will offend the other religions. Why don't Christmas parades have Jesus bringing up the rear or front as the main theme instead of Santa Claus? After all, it is a Christmas parade. Well the reason people do not want Jesus to be the dominant figure is because the majority are not interested in seeing Him. It's Santa Claus's time

Something interesting. Why do Christian people have the same yard decoration as secular people? Why don't the government openly endorse Jesus as the reason for the season? Why don't the president ever use the name Jesus instead of God? Why don't he say "The United States are celebrating Jesus birthday? As a whole the government don't want to offend other religions.

Hell is full of people and growing. Many are there because they second guess God. They went to Church every Sunday, but they left church, came back to play with the devil.To say that God will not send so many people to hell is ignorant on the part of practicing Christian. He can, and he will. Separate yourself now. Forget about who died in the past. You want mourn them no way. Save your self. Seek the truth.... May God Bless you.

The World and Christmas  INDEPTH

Do the public really know what they are celebrating when they rejoice to Santa Claus, trees, different colored light bulbs, angels, sugar canes, wreaths, holly's, rein deer's and the likes? Do they care? Do so-called Christians care? We will take a deep look into the world and Christmas and see if what they, the world, are celebrating is what we, the Christians are confused on. I'm telling you this to get you angry. By getting you angry, I'm hoping you'll do some of your own research past this writing. I'm hoping still, that this will be enough to convince you to get on the right tract or lose out on your salvation.

First of all let me give you a reference which comes from Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary of (c) 1969. The definition of Santa Claus is that he was a 4th century Bishop of Myra from Asia Minor (Turkey). A saint to Children. His name was called St. Nicholas. It is said that a poor family owed a debt which the father could not pay to the government. If the father could not pay, then one of his daughters would be taken in the debt's place. When the Bishop heard of this he sneaked to the open window of the father's house and tossed in a bag of money. The father woke and saw no one except the money. which he used to pay the debt. Soon another debt was due for the other daughter, and again the Bishop tossed more money through the open window only this time to be caught. He asked the father not to tell anyone because everyone who was poor would be looking for him to help them. Of course the father didn't keep the secret. The word got out, and others began to seek help from the Bishop and his church. He provided what he could to all who was in need.

At his death they labored him as a Saint and started celebrating his birthday. The celebration spread throughout Asia Minor and into Russia. Russia put him in a red garment and gave him a sledge with a deer pulling it. Later the celebration came to the United States where American artists went berserk. They greatly increased his beards, fatten him up to obesity, greatly enhanced his suit, gave him more deer's with names, painted him a big ole red nose with bright red shinny cheeks. They called him Santa Claus, another name for Saint Nicholas, but now a totally different person.

They gave him magical powers to fly. Even supernatural powers to deliver toys to any young child anywhere in the world. He no longer was the hero of Asia Minor (Turkey) alone, but became the worlds perfect loving jolly guy everyone loves and cherishes. Lights of all colors and other trinkets, to include from the cheap, to the most expensive gifts suddenly flooded the markets into department stores every where.

The Catholic Church introduced a Christ-Mass. This was a celebration for the baby birth of Christ. It was a time they said, when Saints (saved Christian) would give gifts to each other because God gave his greatest gift to us that we might be saved. This was held around the 6th of January which is believed to have been the birthday of Saint Nicholas also. This day is now called "Old Christmas." Later the Catholic Church changed it to the 25th of December to SEPARATE it from the 6th of January. Why the 25th is puzzling.  A lot of weird reasoning is behind this, of none made absolutely clear. One is that December 25th is really the birthday of a pagan god called "RA" or "Mithraism", pagan worshiping of the sun and moon.

The true name for the wordly
The world now goes berserk with this Santa Claus Santamas celebration. Manufacturers and department stores make and sell all kinds of wordly products and ornaments to make this day a "MERRY" occassion for the world. Did you know that some parts of the world are celebrating Christmas and do not believe in Christ as the savior, the Son of God? Did you know that nearly 200 million people right here in the United States are also celebrating Christmas, and do not believe in God nor Jesus.

You say, I don't believe that! Well, do you believe this? Jesus said, John 14:14, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." The majority will not serve Christ. They can care less about him. Christ puts a dent in their parties, shows, alcohol, and sinful gift giving and life styles. John 8:24 Jesus said, I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins. T believe that He is He is to Obey Him.

The scripture above is to all Santamas lovers! This also includes part time so-called Christians who turn on God every time, Easter, Halloween, or Valentine celebrations comes along. They pretend they love him between holidays, but then curse him before his face when these holidays come along. James, the brother of Jesus put it plain and clear. James 1:8 says, "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." This means that Church going people who are still sharing Jesus with Satan are out of touch with Christ. Plenty people think they are Christians, but are not. I hope this is making you angry. If it is, praise God, I'm accomplishing something. The truth shall make you free.

Lets not forget the lies being told to the children. So-called godly parents are helping the world push the Santa lies on innocent children by telling them there is a Santa Claus who will brings them gifts because he cares so much for them. The lies and stupidity do not stop. They continue on with the trees, the lights, the talking deer's, lying Christmas stories about Santa, Krist Kringle, talking deer's like Rudolph and so on. Oh yes! The Church even sang Santa songs mixed with Christ's service. Songs like, Chestnut roasting on an open fire, Deck the Hall, Jingle Bell, Dashing through the snow, Sleigh Bells ringing, Merry Christmas Baby, On The First Day Of Christmas. It goes on and on and on. --I sure hope you're getting this! I'm trying to get you mad so you can hate sin. Please get mad, will Ya!

In John 8:44 Jesus says this about liars. He said, "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.." This means that if you are willfully lying, you are of the devil. Case closed. No "BUT, BUT!" The Bible says that a liar will not tarry in God's sight. This means that all liars will go to hell no matter how good down here they might appear to be, or how much Church going you do. God said he is not a respecter of persons.

We need to stop trying to out think God, or thinking these holidays are so insignificant to God that he pays what we do know mind. But he does. God will not go back on his word just because you like doing a thing. He said that the Church must separate itself from the world and not mix in. We are not like the world. We are a different people called out from the rest of the world to be a special people to God, just like Israel was when he call them out of Egypt. Our disobeying are the direct reasons why so many prayers are not answered AND WILL NOT BE ANSWERED. You are not truthful with God. He knows you will turn your back on him with every satanic holiday that come along. That's why the sickness goes on, the problems goes on, and the world keep getting worst and worst.

For all those who call themselves Christians who still love Santa Claus, trees, wreaths, lights, candy canes, deer's, etc, you must reframe from doing so. Stay only with Christ and gift given ALL THE TIME. When the year end holiday come, celebrate it as the "End of Harvest" "A year end celebration of thanks". I do!