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Politics, Christmas and the truth your ministers won't tell you. Reaching out for God never stops.

I was compelled not to write any more about Christmas since it is a time of the year so much of
the world pretend they love each other. It is a time when Churches gear up and so-called lovers of
each other attempt to care about the poor by giving one day meals and toys in gesture of good
will in having a merry Christmas.

I didn't want to write, but my first calling is to God and not to how man want thing to be.
Constantly preparing man for the kingdom should be every Christian duty continually. However,
man does not want to be told any thing. Not just from me but from God himself. So for now I put
politics aside.

I say this because of false love that make me think how one can even think they can give love for
one day and hate and care less if that person or family they so gracefully sang cheers of joy and
good will has enough food or comfort the next day.

For the next eleven months and five days those same receivers have to struggle and even
possibley lose their home with none of those sweet lovers and sharers to be seen except to say,
"the economy is bad", "tough luck". Even the Church wouldn't care if you lived or died. You get
nothing else until December 25th again. Oh wait! The Obama administration are giving you
something while the Republican are trying to take it away. Some love!

Why would the Church go along with this type of amusement and disgrace towards the poor who
feel nothing but shame in their struggle to compete with those whom money is no problem,
settling for less quality toys, cheap fruits and low class meals? Yet, the Church manage to
convince the poor this is a day when so-called miracles can happen. Miracles flows from God.
Blindly the poor follows and even convinces their heart that they are happy for a day like those
singing the sweet,sad and cheerful songs of joy. What a shame!

The Church have controlled and manage to perpetuate a lying birth about Christ for centuries
without any proof what so ever. To push their lies they use the bible birth version to pity his
coming which no where does it give a date nor an indication that this festival should be held in
honor of him. In fact, the exact date was with held for this very reason of man, secular and
Christians coming together attempting to honor Christ as one, yet, making a complete spectacale
of Him..

Many un-called pastors joined with the Catholic Church some 50-60 years ago in determining
December 25th as Christ new birth. It probably goes back a little further.  I remember celebrating
January 6th.They didn't like January 6th because it was the real birthday of a prist. You guess it.
St. N............  I was confused when I was told Christ birthday had changed. But parents who
could not afford Christmas presents on December 25th still had the chance to give present on
"Old Christmas January 6th.

It sickened me to know that so many pastors can't tell a lie when they hear it, yet they want to
teach others how to live right, not lie and honor God. What Hypocrites!

As I search scripture I see that the shepherds was in the fields tending their flock of sheep's. I
thought that the harvest of farmers is done before winter comes because there is no green grass in
winter or under snow for shepherds or sheep to be out in the fields. Yet, educated pastors ignore
this scripture just as they ignore there is no such thing as the "three wise men"  which is not in
the bible. It is made up.

Christmas is a make of two words, "Christ" which represent Christ" and the word "mass"
meaning a great number of people, that represent the Catholic Church. Christmas was created by
the Catholic Church and not by God. A show of power and controlled. Sound like Daniel 12th

Now lets look at something else that is proving to be a fact.. That is, if man lie about Christ birth
would Christ accept December 25th knowing it is a lie? If he accepted it wouldn't Christ be a liar

Do Christ enjoy pastors and seeing people pretend to serve him only on this special day of lies
while pretending that God so-call dropped his "baa - hum bug" attitude to grant wishes all around
the world?

What about all of the preaching, shouting, jumping and praising Christ as a baby when he is a
God.  Does Christ go along with this ignorant? The answer is a fat NO!

God does not lie nor partake in a lie. There is no certain day for God to pour out his love. Not
even on the day of the sun (Sunday).  It's every day and it's poured out equally. Think what this
world would be like if we actually cared about people every day like we pretend to do on January
6th old Christmas or December 25th new Christmas. Take your pick.

The best thing that could happen for this festival is to remove Christ birth, the lie, from it and
celebrate the "Harvest ending with blessings and thanks for another years end for true believers.

If you want to involve Santa Claus, and all the hoopla as fun stuff, so be it for those who want to.
But stop lying of God. Now you can stop making up justifications in the Church now that you as
pastors and members have found out that you have been duped. What you gonna do now? Think
about it.