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Clowns and So-called Spiritual Dancers

As a minister I have an obligation to preach the truth and accuracy of  the word of God. To me this mean to point out anything that does not add up as being or having anything to do with God as for as salvation is concern. A lot of ministers are angry with me. But the Church has for decades been far off from teaching true salvation.

I intend to make it clear to all that what you see and is being told and taught by the Church of today is not real nor true. And you must understand and be observance at all times to know what is of God and what is of Satan. In all my teachings I am not trying to disprove God but to prove God by disproving the things you are told is of God that is not in the Bible or is being twisted and taken out of context.

To really get to know who God is, is to question things that seem out of the ordinary. That is, if it has nothing to do with saving your life when you stand before the judgement seat of God, then you need to question it.

Before moving forward the next paragraph has hardly nothing to do with my subject matter but I thought of it and I might as well share the thought through a few questions.

That is, a few great questions you need to ask your pastor is "why do they make God out to be without helpers? Why do they put God in the position that only he must leave his throne and personally intervene in every one lives as Christians have been taught while his billions of Angels do absolutely nothing? Isn't Angels suppose to be his messengers to the Church, that is, if he had something to say or cause a change.

I just had to throw that in ...  now back to our story....

So, the great question here is "why would God want so-called Spiritual Dancers and miming clowns either down here on earth in his Churches and particular in Heaven? What do God need dancers to do in Heaven, run a night club? What enjoyment will God get out of watching painted ghostly faces do the Michele Jackson slide in front of the twenty four Elders?

Clown faces,Kirt Franklin, rap music, spiritual dancing, jumping and hollering, slamming guitars and braking them, rock and roll sounding music, giggling and laughing, jokes, comedy strips. What about  half mad gospel performing groups acting like animals as they twist and jump, growl and run from end to end down Church rolls while the listeners jump and cheer to the music with that has no real spiritual words it? None of this and more will be found in Heaven. If you think this is what God has for you then you have been grossly lied to.

In ending let me tell of a Church I visited two Sundays ago. I will not name the Church but hope someone that was there would read this. What I saw there was Satan in full bloom as a so-called dancing minister with kids she trained dance for fifteen minutes doing every dance it seem ever developed from James brown "hit me one time um", "hit me two time um um", to "everybody say ho ho",  "we gonna have a party up in here" and much much more foolish and silly stuff making God look like the down the street beer and liquor joint hustler with fluzies standing on the out side dressed in scantly sexual clothing.

It was discussing toward the Kingdom of God. She had the audience on their feet as the music vibrated through their bodies causing the ladies in the audience to begin to twist their bodies and having sexual grins and laughing lips upon their faces. Even the pastor swayed to laughed.

If you think this is what Heaven is like then keep on doing it. But if after reading this you get a new look at God then you need to stop and call the Devil a liar. But no dancers, mimes, or clowns will be performing in Heaven. Maybe these people that do these things are auditioning for Hell! You think about it!