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Editor's Note

Take your time and read slowly and enjoy. Any questions, please contact me and I will discuss any subject matter you chose. If anyone wants to publish their own material you can.Let me know.

This Ministry is written for those who are interested in gaining more incite into christanity. Special care is taking to create the pages. However, you may from time to time come across mispelled words or bad english. I do have a spell checker but in haste to get the message to you, I sometime omit using it. Bear with me. I must be more careful. I will make an effort to use it. In the mean time, report where you discover mistakes and I will correct them as soon as I can. I enjoy reading your e-mals. I get some really "freaky ones" at times, but that's ok too. At least they are reading God's word. Continue to e-mail me. Don't forget to visit the prayer room.

Bishop Ward
Updated Jan.2010-2012

This is your Church for all who want to learn. Remenber the Church is in you and not in a building built by hands say the Lord. So, join my Church and spread the word. You can also give as you see fit.

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