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Forever Building Churches-a Con job

Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 2 Timothy 3:7 

The newest but oldest method of gathering a quick flock of baby sheep's is to build something nice, shinny and bright. We no that babies are attractive to bright and odd shaped objects. We also know they are drawn to anything new with a fresh smell. Just like being in a toy store a baby gotta go touch it or get in it.

Smart pastors that have come into certain amounts of money working together have gotten together and discovered there is a way to take a little bit and make a small fortune with it. How do you do it. Just convince sheep's they need an oversize pasture that they can run around, stretch their legs and have plenty of free grass to graze in and eat. For a price of course!

Pastors discovered nearly a handstand years ago that the way to most people hearts was not God but things and stuff. Adults,  like small children, are drawn to the most best looking and biggest churches. The way to get people into them is to fine a few people then give a little money to pay a bill they should be taken care of themselves and the word spread to those who look for something for nothing. Give a few people vacation money and the word gets out really fast that this pastor and Church really care about people.

Notice that I did not mention offering these people God because no minister today, that I've found, does this without involving sad lies into their messages to keep folks giving  of their pocket books into their, or I mean, to God's. They play on the mental state of the very weak. It is the very weak sheep's that these slick pastor's prey on today.

A well seasoned minister, from observing the con jobs of other high class minister, have learned that religion is at the heart of nearly every body, especially the poor and sick. They know that when people are desperate they seek from the pastor that which hardly no one else will help with and that's prayer and healing through God which the pastor always claim, if you only believe, God will take care of you. 

So, they believe and give and stay sick and give and stay sick.They shout and scream and stay sick. They even lie while testifying and stay sick. The pastor promise healing and they stay sick unto death.

People are not learning the true ways of God but forever learning the same old thing over and over. As you can see, this learning for many that have gone to Church for sixty and more years have learned nothing about the character of God, his will and his desire for how we are to serve him. They are the same way as they was when they first entered Church, just a little slicker and dumber. Oh yea! Educated high minders of the highest pride of better than you are so called Christian dressed in $1000 shoes and dresses.

Yet, slick pastors get these kind of people and brain wash them into believing they can receive from God through given to his pocket book or I men to God's Church because if you give it shall be given unto you. They tell them that the reason their life is the way it is, is because they do not give. That when they give and give abuntantly God will give back to them. All they have do is trust and believe.

The pastor then pick subjuct matter from the Old Testament and the New to prove their point. The people not knowing that these was chosen people chosen by God to move his plan forward. God did not use every body.

One of thier favorite is Daniel the lion den story of overcoming, trusting and God personally, not Jesus anymore, will see you through. That you are not going through it alone.

The Bible is filled with stories of the heart that is not for people of today. If you jump into a lion's den like Daniel you will be malled or killed.  If you don't believe me go to the nearest zoo, find the most dangerous hungry lion, jump upon the fence and shout "God I going in."  Before you hit the ground you're be hollering "God let me out" seconds before becoming a human steak burger. Many have died thinking they are more favorable to God than others.

Again, If you jump into a burning raging fire and don't jump back out, you will be burn up. The reason being is that you chose to jump into the lion's den and you chose to step in the burning fire. You are not Daniel.

Things that happen in the Bible is examples to us and not to be played around with. We are not Jesus. We are not the disciples. They walked with Jesus and knew him better than any of us could. They were persecuted. What make you think you today are better than them.

Yet, some Hippocratic ministers will dare to tell you to look what God will do, yet, they visit doctors out of their ministering areas not to be seen by followers. They have to keep up the show. You see, they Have a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2 Timothy 3:5

What is this power they deny. It's the power to tell the truth. To tell the people their is no healing or miracles for us at this time and this may be reserved for the two witnesses that will come before Jesus.

Why can't all ministers teach love between fellow men, women and expand on love, giving and helping each other. There are thousand of sermons that can be preached on the different ways love can be used in one's life. The pastor only need be Godly enough to removed himself from lies and into the work of God which is to preach love and not prosperity. Love take care of prosperity when I  and you began to want to help myself. Nothing from nothing leave nothing.

Why can't people see? It's because the pastors over nearly a thousand years has been molding them into a way that they can be controlled for their purpose. Their purpose to sit behind a pulpit as though they are sitting upon a throne ruling in their personally own magnificent decorative building they call their Temple or Church.

Blind followers wanting to be some body other than a righteous person or persons rush to these places to once again listen to the same old story they already know. Yet, never enough to satisfy the heart of Jesus. Still committing sin after sin after sin.

They figure if they stop one sin all other sins fall under that one and now it gives them the right to question other people's sin. You see these are those that are for ever learning and never coming to the understanding of the truth. Then again, they need some one to actually tell them the truth.

My father raised me or reared me to a certain point, sent me to school then he sat back and watched. He wanted to see just how much I've learned and how I handle it. He wanted me to stand on my on. To become some one he can be proud of.  I would be no good if he kept coming to my rescue.

Many will not understand this, others will.  Think about it!