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Obama, so-Called Republican Christian Religion, gays and salvation
A dangerous move

Obama, gays and God.The Republican party are full of Gays many are teaching in their churches. Such hypocrites. Now that Obama has come out and openly defended Gay marriage against God, May 9, 2012, it is also fair for me to come out and defend God. What Obama did pleased all now gays and future gays but for the few straight that is left it made us furious as how people can call themselves Christians and when the time comes, present themselves as "Peters". That is quick deny God for life or in this case for a vote.

As I pointed out in my last writing, there is no forgiveness for intentional sin. Some may think that they can commit sin and some where down the line when the times come, they can ask for forgiveness.

Many pastors have preached this type of forgiveness for decades to people who willingly accepted that God would forgive any sin if a person confessed. While this is true, it is not all together shut and closed by a long ways.

You see, forgiveness was giving to those that did not no the plans of God, but was introduce back to him through Jesus Christ that delivered God's word to them. They were told that God would forgive their sins if they believed in God through Jesus. They did not know Jesus but believed in what he taught and accepted him as the Son of God. The key word here is "TAUGHT".

As the word spread the knowledge of God went forward all over the world. Any one who did not no Jesus had the chance to meet him through the word by accepting the word and asking forgiveness. Forgiveness is for those that do not no him. The key word phrase here is ""DID NOT KNOW HIM".

So, is it true that God will forgive you over and over, especially for something you was "taught" and knew WAS wrong? That's only true depending on what you did.

To continue doing something you know is wrong, should God continue to forgive you? No! If he did then he would be a respecter of persons. That is agreeing with their sins.

What we know here is that God forgive sin of those who don't know him. We learned that God will forgive some sins if those sins are placed in a position to be erased. To be forgotten never for God to remember them again.

Then, if a sin that goes against the teaching or law of God is written down and made a Constitutional Law, what about those that made it possible? How can God forgive them of that sin that is made permanent and cause so much disobedient against God? Is this a sin unto death? A sin that is unforgivable.

What about agreeing against God on gay marriages? Obama called himself a Christian. Yet, as the President of the United States, his opinion carries enough weight to please and change millions of minds against God. This cannot be undone. Yet, he can ask for forgiveness but it will not count until a public announcement against gay rights is made and he is sincerely sorrowful for it. This is very hard since he knew what he was doing when he made a public announcement. He turned hi back on God and made himself  his own god. He denied God by denying the truth of God.

He knew the truth, but told God it is more important to honor his wife, children and gay rights advocates who he, not God, believe is being treated differently than other people. That God is discriminating himself against gays and he (Obama) must take the lead and defend their rights against him.

Those who write Gay rights into State's Constitutions has a forgiveness problem also. So does  politicians that supports gay rights. Those who are changing the minds and hearts of millions just as Obama did.

Therefore, does this mean that all those who agree with gay rights to marry and other rights, that they cannot get forgiveness either? No but with a big Yes! But it will be hard for such a person to receive forgiveness because nothing has occurred from God visually to cause them to fear him and change their minds. They see nothing wrong with gay life styles. So, yes they can get forgiveness, but will never ask for it. They have lost their heart for a gay heart. Only a They see themselves as gays in the future or is leaving the door open just in case. Few will succeed in getting forgiveness.

Now! So-called Christian Republicans pretend they are saved because they pretend to stand up for God. They make all kinds of "IT ain't right for a man on man or woman on woman to marry" but forget that the Republican Party itself is loaded with Gays. Even in politics and at Liberty College. It is impossible for these many gays to exist only in Democratic Churches are be all Democrats. They are evenly split, if not more in the Republican Party.

Also let me say to Republicans that being a gay hater with all the other sins piled up on you want get you into Heaven. So, to run your mouth and think you will slip into Heaven just because you dislikes gays want get you there. You are hypocrites and liars.

Further more, the Church in whole is responsible for what is happening today. so, they have lost their credibility before God. The Church has fail God. Gay's in this world is taking over and there is nothing the Church can do about it.

Their is nothing the Republican so-called Christians and Democratic Christians can do except move on and find something other to talk about and lose their mind over. There is no turning back for gays. The only thing the Church can do now is launch a program of some kind to save from this point on just as many as it can. This will be hard for all Churches.

One day God will ask those in Church this question, "Why did you let this occur that you now force my hand to eradicate humans again"? "What shall I do with you who ruined the world I gave you to populate, create and build".

"Now it is time for my Son to rule". "But before he take control, some must die out". I'm just thinking what God might say.

Back to Obama. We all have our favorite politicians who we feel will best help the country and
the people. We do not look at one thing but every thing. The whole picture. While I do not like what he did, that is own his conscious. He has to live his decision and so do all others. His gay moment has nothing to do with the economy as I see it. I will always look at him different from now own as not being a Christian, but will praise and support him as a man trying to help the country and the little man.

Many Democrats are upset right now but this will, like every thing else, fade into more important matters and the people will stay and vote for Obama.

After all, if all politics and I'm sure you will "Think about it".

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