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Christian History

Religious Persecution Act

The Religious Persecution Act was passed by the House Of Congress April 20th, 1998. The Bill was passed by a resounding vote which surpassed many. The Bill will guard against murder and abuse of religious groups by nonbelievers. There's more to this Bill than what meets the eye. See my prophecy and Commentary.

The Dead Sea Scroll

In 1947 a goat herder stumbled across hidden away scrolls inside caves near the Dead Sea. These scroll turned out to be the oldest manuscripts ever found of the Old Testament. These manuscripts contained fragments of every book of the Old Testament except Ester. Scholars believe the residents of the desolate site were Jews who lived like monks and devoted themselves to the studying of the Old Testament. The site was later called Qumran.

Jehovah Witness

Charles Taze Russell in 1870s started the first Jehovah Witnesses. They were first call "Bible Students". Russell established the organization's publishing house, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. The publishing house publish the New World Translation Bible, which is their version of the Bible. Their version alter the Holy Bible's version in that they do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Therefore cannot be called "Christians."

The Apostles' Creed

The apostles creed was not written by the original apostles. The creed probably dates from around 200 A.D. It is call the Apostles' Creed because it is based on beliefs in the New Testament written by other apostles doing this period of time.

Woman As Translator Of The Bible

The first woman to independently translate the entire Bible was Julia E. Smith of Connecticut. Her translation was published in 1876.


The Masons claim (without basic) to trace their organization to The Hiram of Tyre of Solomons time. Hiram is the one who aided King Solomon in building of the Lord's Temple (1 Kings 7). Evidence indicate that it probably originated centuries later, in the guilds of English stonemasons.

Second Temple Destruction

The second Temple was destroyed in A.D.70 by Roman soldiers after a revolt started by Jewish Zealots in 66 A.D. The Zealots were finally Quashed in A.D.73 at the Dead Sea Fortress of Masada.

Non-Davidic Ruler

Judah had the only Non-Davidic ruler to sit on the throne. She happened to be a woman. Her name was Athaliah. She was the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel. She married Jehoram, king of Judah, to seal a political alliance between Israel and Judah. She became king by killing all but one of her grandsons that was in line to succeed their father, Ahaziah, for the throne. She ruled 6 years.

Maccabeans and Hanukkah

Ever wonder about Hanukkah or who the Maccabean's were. Well here it is. It all started when a Greek General of Alexander the Great, name Seleucus Nicator started him an Empire after the death of Alexander which occurred 323 B.C.. In 198 B.C., the Selecuid Empire took control of Palestine. In 175 B.C., an descendent of Seleucus Nicator name Antiochus IV became King of Syria. Antiochus began to impose strict policies of Hellenization upon Juda. That is, it sought to suppress local customs and religions. He sought to do away or change Hebrew scriptures and circumcision. The Jews tolerance came to an head when Antiochus dedicated the temple in Jerusalem to the Olympian god Zeus and sacrificed a pig, which was considered to be unclean, upon the Altar. A revolt was started by a priest name Mattathias Maccabeus and his sons. The Maccabeans lead the Jews in a revolt that successfully retook the temple in 164 B.C. by Judas Maccabeus (Maccabean in Hebre is called the Hammer). Thus the Festival of Hanukkah was created to commemorate this event. Hanukkah mean dedication. The Jews held festivals in the temple to dedicate the temple back to God.  An eight day candle lighting (Menorah) festivals starting 9th of December (Kislev), sometime called "the festivals of lights were added. As time went by other myths were added. One was a vial of oil was found. Enough only to keep the Menorah burning for one day, But turned out to miraculous keep the Menorah burning for eight days. Each day a candle was lit.

Maccabeans Rule

The Maccabean family ruled Jerusalem from 164 B.C. to 63 B.C. until Pompey seized Palestine for Rome. Thus ended the Selecuid Empire and began the Roman Empire of Palestine.

The Crusaders

The black day in Christian history is still harming the relationship between Jesus and the Jews. The Jews find it hard to accept Christianity because of the Crusaders movement. Now you can make up your mind as to the truth of what happened. Believe it or not!

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