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How much do I owe him

Paul's Introduction

Roman 13:8

Let's go to Roman 13:8. It reads,(8) "Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law."

We all know what it means to owe someone. It simply means that another party has provided services to you, that is, they either loaned money or done something special for you. So you became indebted to them. Being in their debt now means they are looking for a payback or a like similar service to be returned back to them, just like that provided to you. You owe them. And they want to be paid back. For most of us, if we owe a great debt, we will go out of our way to pay it. We work and earn money. We go this or that place looking for work to make sure that the car payment is payed, house payment is made and those credit cards are paid on time. In other words, we get out and go to work literally on hands and knees to pay what we owe.

But when it comes to repaying Jesus for dying on the cross for us, we fall short on responding and giving ourselves to him. I'm not talking about giving Jesus some physical or material thing. He don't need it. He has everything already. What I'm talking about is when we hear what Jesus did for us, we should immediately want to give our life over to him. This let's him know how much we love and appreciate what he did for us.

There is nothing you and I can give nor do to come anywhere close to what Christ did for us. He paid a debt he did not owe. He died for the sins of the world. We couldn't and can't do that! He died for your sins. For my sins. His death on the cross and the sheading of his blood made it possible for our sins to be forgiven us by God. We were on our way to hell. But Jesus stood up and and said, I'll die for them." Thus, saving us from hell (those who accept him and repent) given us access into heaven.

For Roman 2:8 reads, "But God commanded his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

What does this means? It means that we were on our way to hell because of our wicked ways. But while our hearts and minds were turned toward Satan, and our backs turned on God, God still loved us, and provided a way through Jesus that we might be saved. Jesus died willingly. He freely gave his life for ours. His death made it possible so that all who want to be saved, can be saved. He demands nothing from us because we have nothing to give him or offer him.

Unlike what the church is trying to do today with tidings, many programs and activities, building great institutions, adding class rooms and the such. They are trying to so-call buy and win their way into God's grace by doing something or providing a service without actually being obedience to the word. These thing, called works, will not save us.

Ephesians 2:8,9 reads, "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any may should boast."

This means that we are saved because of God's great love for us and our belief and love for him. We are saved through faith, which we have in Jesus. If there were something we could do or repay, we would do it, then set back and say to others, "this is what I've done." But it's not by works that we are saved. But rather, by the love of God through Jesus Christ. After we're saved then faith and works go hand and hand.


Do we owe Jesus in the spiritual sense? Yes! We "owe" our life to him. All who come to God freely will receive eternal life through him. For all who are saved, I thank God we have the sense to recognized the free service God give us. You may say what service. Well, he has his angels watching over us (earth) day and night. He blesses us Cearth) to and from our destinations without hurt or harm whether good or bad. He allow us to lay down at night and allow his "mercy" to wake us to see a brand new day. He provide us with the water we drink to the air we breath. He protects our family, home and love ones.

You see! long after his death on the cross he is still giving and looking out for us. He is, you might say, "serving us." And for many who's receiving daily, don't even have the caring heart to say thank you. How much do I owe him? Everything" How much do you owe him, "Everything".

Now go tell that. You think about it!

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