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"I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness."Jn. 12:46
This, the Christ site, is to enhance christian living and prepare you for the coming of our Lord. This ministry pulls no punches, no compromising, just the truth. Some messages may be strong to drink, but like some medicines, it will make you well if you take it. Only living in truth will guarantee your salvation. If you have any unsaved friends or relatives, confused or in doubt about their relationship with Christ, tell them to visit this ministry site. I'm not going to force the entire Bible down your throat, just enough to introduce you to Jesus, the Son of God, get you saved and keep you saved. I'll leave all the tough stuff to the pro's. "Enough said, now start clicking."
All scriptures are taken from the Original King James version!
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-You'll never look at your pastor the same again-
Hell Fire
New Jerusalem hovering overhead coming down from God prepared as a bride adorn for her husband.  Revelation 21:2
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The second greatest story ever told

"A look into the mind of God and a Brick Wall"
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Revelation 21:1
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