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Keep Looking Up

Titus 2:11-`15
I want to talk out of Titus 2: 11 through 15. I just want to high lite a few things to keep your mind at ease. Being at ease in the Spirit is what this gospel is all about. It's having an assurance that we are a child of God. You know, saying it, and meaning it. Not letting anyone tell you any different. I know I am a child of God because I live for him. I try to do what is right toward my fellow man and before the public.

I want you to turn to our introduction. I take it from Titus 2:12-15. It reads, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and Savior Jesus Christ; Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee."

These scriptures are saying a lot, but first let me give my topic. It's simple truth. My message is "Keep Looking Up".

I'm not talking about looking into the sky for something to see, but looking towards our hope. Hope meaning knowing that Jesus is real and He is coming to take us away. Looking with the love of God in our hearts. Let's return to our opening verse.

Paul tell us that if we want to live with Jesus, we must deny the sins that keep drawing us away from Him. Unknowingly to ones self, we can play with Satan for so long until we're drawn ever so slowly further and further away from God until can we no longer hear his voice. Before you know it we're enjoying the things of this ungodly world.

No one can hear God's voice. We live off his words inside of us. His voice is in his Spirited words only. Any body that says God is talking directly to them is a liar. Not time for such things.

Lets get back to those drawn back into the world. I call them compromisers. These compromisers no longer sense the distasteful ness for sin. They no longer feel the spirit of shame. No longer feel the stake being hammered into their hearts. No longer seeing the crucified Christ in their minds and hearts any more. The reason: Their love for Satan is greater than their love for God. Their lust for the world is greater than their concern for their own lives.

As Christians, we must remain faithful to Jesus as it is our duty. If we are to call ourselves Christians we must remain Holy, thereby remaining ready to fight the evil of the world. We must appear to others as holy in our talk as well as our walk and actions. We have too, because we are witnesses on the front line of battle. We are recruiters for Jesus. We are to continue the fight Christ left to us. We are holy rescuers, taking back stolen souls Satan snatched from us.

We're also looking for the coming of Jesus who all our hope is in. Our hope of breaking the bands of sin which hold us captive. Jesus is our hope of escaping the "terrible day of the Lord". Our hope of escaping Hell and it's tormentors. We look toward that crucified Christ who made our hope possible. The one who redeemed us, wash us in his blood, purified us and set us apart from the rest of mankind. We are to become a servant in his "Spiritual Army", eager to serve Him with gladness of heart. To speak with all authority and glorify God before men.

Now this last part of this chapter (Titus 2:15) says "Let know man despise thee."

Do you know that as Saints, some people do not want to be around us. One reason is that we can talk too much and scare them off, and the next is they just don't want to hear what we have to say seeing that we do not conduct ourselves in a way to tell anybody else anything.

But the attitude of not wanting to be around us does not last for long for some. After you get control of yourself You can try talking to them another time. That is, those that you didn't anger when you scared them off. We should carry ourselves all the time in a way that other will not despise us. If not,they will hate to see us coming or get with others and talk bad about us when we leave. When this happen we hurt the work of God.

Here's another look and reason why we should stay the course and continue to look up and look forward for the coming of Christ. Not only is time shorter for the return of Christ, but we can actually feel in our spirit that something great is about to happen. As I look about I can see a different in the way the world look. It's like the air, the wind, the sun, night time, even the way the days look with it's darken cloudy weirdness of scenery that something is about to happen. I see a darkness that seem to over shadow everything. Every day that goes by gives us some kind of warning. I get the feeling when I look about, that we haven't got long before Christ comes to bring vengeance upon earth and then right things the way He has always wanted man to live.

Again, storms are getting worse. Earth quakes are forever increasing in intensity. War between the nations are on the increase though seemingly silent. Don't let no one fool you. Sooner or later wars and rumors of wars will soon be for real. No more European Nations stopping conflicts. Violent is on the increase. The fall away of the Church is on the increase. The list goes on and on and is no longer hidden but is before ours open eyes. Just look how homosexuality has grown slowly upon the scene and all of a sudden exploded across the United States slowly to become a NATION of gays.

I believe there is a stirring in Heaven right now. A preparation for the "Day Of The Lord". No! Not the beginning 2012 but soon, for there is too many prophecies still left to be fulfilled (another topic).

But suppose God decide to change his plans. To destroy this world sooner than he planed. To omit the great wars. To bring all thing to an end because like Sodom and Gomorrah we make him sick to his stomach. Who is it to say he can't! He want!

Knowing that our spirit groan for the coming of Christ we should be sincere and honest servants before God, because we have something to look forward to. "The New Beginning".

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