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Marry Me Preacher Man!

I have attended many marriages that brought together both Christians and non-Christians but who I want to focus on is the preacher. Marry Me Preacher Man is a message all should read especially Ministers who find it a joy to marry lovers.

What I will talk about this session will be a topic that is challenging to the thought and mind to those who continue to play Christian but is lost to how to really be not of this world.

In this new age and centuries of confusing and twisted Bible teachings I find that the Church has indeed gone the way of the world. Being in the world but not of the world....John 15:18, " If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you".19 "If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you".  This mean we associate with non-believers to get along knowing that our paths as Christians cause us to rebuke their actions though we mingle together. And though we mingle together we still hold on to our obedience to Christ no matter the situations or conditions. This does not mean for us not to associate with non-Christians because most of the time they are our own families and very close friends we have to be around.

As our country deteriorates so does the Church. I find that those that worship in it have gone the way of the world and no longer fear God nor his words. Such is the case with Ministers marrying unsaved couples.

Marrying couples are one of the biggest achievements a Minister or Pastors can do. They marry couples in the name of God. But wait! Let's roll back this picture and take a deeper look into lies and twisted religion.

First of all, the couples send out invitations to their families and friends which consist of sinners and Saints. Such a glorious event. Most and many times the couples are not Christians. Even if they were, what I have to say want make any different any way. But let's say for right now we are talking about known unsaved couples that are getting married by a Christian Minister or so-called Christian Minister whom they've chosen because they want to have a Church wedding. Hum! This has been inbreeded in them from child hood that no matter what type of life you live when it's time to get married it has to be done through God in Church. Hum again!

Now the good stuff. So what do we have? We have a secular couple. A mixed secular and Christian families and friends and a Minister as you will see is some of both. Yuck! Now less see how all this plays out. Oh! less not forget the secular music or spiritual music.

Here's how the Church has gone the way of the world. Listen! Before the actual wedding start there are secular music playing to sooth the guests by a DJ hired by the couples. Or there is a secular person posing as a Christian singing a wordily love song that's a hit at weddings.

Now let's get to the marrying. This is where the Minister become the liar. As the couple stand before the Minister the Minister tell the couple that their marriage has been ordain by God. That God has put them together. Matthew 19:6 ... He say,  "whom God has put together let no man put asunder". The key word here is "whom God has put together". Is God in the business of match making sinners and engaging in sexual sin and not true Christian healing and obedience? I think not. If he match make us then when why not automatically save us unconditionally? He can't!

Marriage is only a type of arrangement just as the marriage where God brought us together with Christ. We should let no one discourage us from serving him. But the choice is ours.  In the distant past and today God has no reason to put certain ones together except to meet a certain need for God. If that be so, then that need must be such to reach around the world or it is not of God. Oh! in the Bible God did put together certain ones to carry the Gospel.

So from this, the Minister just lied on God. God does not bring unsaved couples together. If fact God does not bring any one together to be married. It is the Spirit of God created from creation in us toward each other called love that bring couples together or to be married. God himself has nothing to do with who we marry. If he did we would never break up or do wrong.  We determine our fate just as we determine whether to serve him or not. It is our choice. It's call free choice or free will. God doesn't make us do any thing. He want to see how we grow on our own to see if we can become worthy of his pickings. Deep!

Where were we? Oh!  No sooner than the Minister conclude the marriage the hired band breaks out into secular music only to be stopped briefly by the host to have the Minister again pray over the food. Once again the Minister thanks God for bringing all this together. What kind of God is this? Food is served while the secular music is playing.

Then all of a sudden hell you might say break loose as the couples take to the floor later to be followed by dancing, shouting and screaming guests. Of course, most of the dancing is by Christians. Hummm!

Don't get me wrong. This is the way Ministers and so-called Christians have allowed Satan to use them for his glory for centuries. He have them to where they see nothing wrong.  That the problem is always with the ones who have trouble with the going on's. But nevertheless this is how weddings are conducted.

One more thing I must say in defense of God. That is, if God is putting couples together then why are they getting divorced at such high rates? Hummm! Is God that uncertain? Why is he making so many mistakes? No It is not God.  Ministers need to stop lying on God and learn to understand the workings of God.

Do we as minister stop marrying unsaved people? Or will they justify and say, "who am I to say who is saved or unsaved" in order to continue their craft? The answer is "let the dead bury the dead". One knows the spirit by the spirit. There are many Justices of the peace that will perform marriages and even say, "whom God has put together let no man put asunder" if the couple want them to.

Before a Minister perform a marriage he or she should look at the whole situation. Are they confirm Christians based on their life or are they worthy of a Minister supposedly in the position of God to marry sinning couples? Maybe the Minister can just forget the God stuff and continue his craft. This will be best.

God hates a liar. This mean there is no place for the one that lie or lie on God who will find themselves in Heaven.
I'm seeking Heaven and I want you to meet me there. The choice is yours. Heaven or Hell. Friend, fire, torment or Heaven.

Now think about this.