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Moral Values vs Godly Values

One day back in January 1999 while driving alone in my automobile listening to news radio, I heard many outbursts about morality and President Bill Clinton's immorality. It seemed that every voice I heard on and off the radio and TV were hammering Mr Clinton about not being moral. Christians were having a field day with it, and still is. I began to think on this in spirit. I have always had a problem with this word, "moral," especially how it was used in relationship with Christians and sinners, but just couldn't put the pieces together until then.

As I thought on it, the clearer I understood it. Man! did it hit me hard. I searched the scriptures in my heart and mind, and "wow"! Look what God gave me. You'll be surprised as I was. Listen! The Spirit said the morality the world is living by is not of God. Living a moral life is not of God no more than one trying to live a self-righteous life and calling him or herself "Saved." Morals are man's own set of rules on having a civilized society.

Wait a minute I said! That's right! Too many people doing too many sinful things are claiming morality. They and the church have come together on one accord. When this happens, something is wrong. No way can I serve God and still claim the same characters and attitudes of the world. There must be some difference in us (2 Cor. 5:17).
Since the Church have sinned so much and have lost sight on simple understanding, let me refresh you a bit on your standing before you get too carried away with this morality you're claiming for the world. And before I get started, let me say that just because big TV and radio personalities say so, doesn't make it right either. Now let me tell what the Spirit revealed too me some time back.

Morals are not for Gods people to live by, but for an unsaved nation or people with laws, rules, regulations, policies, habits, cultures and systems which dictates to a society of people how they should act. Morality does not make one Holy by God's standards. Those who live by moral standards are living by human expectations. Since the righteous man and sinner man are different, so must the attitudes, for they also are different and must be looked at in two different ways. I will discuss the two. They are "Moral values" verses "Godly Values". To let you see just how wrong you're been in using this word "moral" and claiming it's of God, I will give examples of each, so there be no more doubt in your use of it. I'll start with "moral values" first.

Moral values are only in place as long as what one is doing cannot be seen by others. In other words, no one see you when you do something wrong like stealing, robbing, domestic violence, trouble making, involvement in evil and sinister religions, having unmarried intercourses, doing drugs, get filthy drunk, violent cussing behind closed doors, in house pornography, watching filthy movies on television, lying, backbitting, gossiping, haters of mothers and fathers, having babies out of wed lot, busy bodies, and etc,.

This almost sums up all the world with the exception of Christians. I emphasize "Christians" and "Christians" only. Most of the world fit the list above, but consider themselves moral. Let me explain myself deeper. You see, a moral person can do all of these things by night and still appear moral by day. Everyone who know the person still find them as being an upstanding and moral citizen.

This is how a moral society is. It has the stinky hands of man at it's helm. Human morality is only an illusion. It's absent of God. It's man's determination as to how one is suppose to act before the company of others and the public eye. It does not make one Righteous before God, no matter how much they put down another for their immoral behavior. It's all sin before God.

First of all, let us not ever forget that God wants respect. He want us to be obedience at all times. He want his people to be different, not like everyone else or ungodly people. He require his people to be "Holy," "for He is Holy." God require us to live by his "Values". And His values are Godly, not earthly moral. The different is that we as Christians are taught how to act by the Holy Spirit, Not man. We acquired this Spirit through Jesus Christ when we accepted him as our personal savior and being the Son of God (Roman 10:9-10). Through Jesus we inherited the Holy Spirit which now live inside of us. We become Christ like because of it. With this Spirit in us we no longer want to be bound by sin or human morality type of living, but is taught by and lead by this Spirit. We now, as Christians, live by "Godly Values", not "Moral".

Unlike moral values, "Godly values" causes one to act the same and respect God at all times. It require us to act "HOLY" whether in the presence of others or not. We understand that God sees all and knows all. We serve Him and respect Him. So we do nothing in the dark that cannot be approved by him in the light. We read and study his words, not man's, and we live accordingly to it. The Bible does not teach that we live morally. It does teach that we live Holy.

My suggestion to all the ministers and pastors out there who's teaching their congregation that they should live a moral life, is to get it right and stop all the confusion. We have enough already. Morality is for the world, not for Christians. It would be nice if everyone in the world were "Godly" or "Holy". This will be so one day, but not now. But in the mean time each one of us individually can, if we want to, live Godly. Just accept Jesus right now as your personal savior. Say Lord forgive me for my sins. I accept Jesus right now as my savior. If you meant it, he has come. You are now a Christian. Find another Christian and spend time talking and reading about the Lord.

By Bishop Ward

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