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On April 6, 1998 the RPA was signed by a group of concerned congressmen, pushed by well known TV and vocal personalities. They felt it was about time for Christians, not only in America, but around the word to have protection against those who would beat up and even kill Christians for their belief in Christ.
While this is a great Bill, "sorry," It's not for Christians. It's for all religions. Yes, even those religions opposed to Christianity. How can that be? Well, if the Bill only recognized the persecution of Christians, then the Bill itself would discriminate against other religions and allow Christians to do the persecution, which could be no more than intimidating someone or group by telling them their god and religion is a fake.

But, lets look at this further. As the implementation of this Bill furthers itself along, I believe that those Christians who pushed so hard to get this bill passed, along with the rest of us, will find ourselves unable to speak out against other religions. You know, those religions we feel are not Christian based. Those religions who denounce Jesus as the Son of God, don't believe in the Holy Spirit, positive thinkers, door knockers, witch crafters, and other strange-god worshippers. And let's not forget the gay churches which will bloom. We may find ourselves a victim of our own product. That is, unable to get the gospel to those false religions who need to be convienced that Jesus is the Messiah. This may well be another victory for Satan to shut down the voices of Church.

Update: As of 2012 this has can true.

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