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"My Heavenly Father"

I bow down to you in complete submission in sack cloth and ashes (meaning you are to God no more than a foot stool). I worship you and give you all the praises, the glory, and honors. For you are a just God. An honest God. A caring God. All power is in thy hand.

Give me the strength through your Spirit word in me, O Lord, to handle the hard decisions and situations that come before me by letting me know in my spirit that I can endure all things. I know that only I can work toward making things better by meditating and putting forth efforts to help myself by becoming more aware of my situations.I know that you have already given everything I need to move forward, fix, challenge, and succeed with courage to over come. It is up to me now to let things be as they are, or work toward a change. I work toward a change.

I pray for protection of family and home as I do my part to be vigilance day and night overseeing all that you have blessed me with so that I might be blessed through my efforts. I can do all things through you who strengthen me through your abiding word (Spirit) in me. In Jesus name I pray.....


(As prayer is a desire, want and a way of given thanks)

That's it! Now have a little "faith" in yourself, "Rejoice" and "Thank the Lord!

What is prayer and why don't your prayers work

Prayer is not for begging, asking for physical things, healing's or greedy wants and desires. If sick, he or she should go to the doctor. The deciples had physicians. Proper eating and health consciousness is part of keeping the temple of God clean. Praying for God to give you this or that with out trying to work for it is a waste of time. Attempting to pray for some one to be more than they are want work. Praying for somebody to be saved is impossible. Praying for some one to be heal and you are sick is down right ridiculas. Praying for protection want work. Secure your homes and prepare yourselves to watch over what you have, just like God want you to. Praying for some one bills to be paid is non sense. Telling some one God told you to pray for them is a lie. If you are a Christian and if it was possible, God
would talk to you. He don't need to tell somebody else to do it like he is afraid of you.

If any one out there can heal, I have quite a few sick people who would love to see you heal starting with the local hospitals, nursing homes or maybe right there in your Church or the Church next door.

So many people want something they are not fit to have that they, in there on minds pretend and sometimes even think they can heal. They try it and nothing ever comes of it. So they pretend like God healed them after they went to the hospital, the doctor made a mistake or fixed them up and suddenly they run out and "I know God healed me cause I was supposed to be dead". "The doctor's gave me up but it's not in the doctors hands but God". If you thought that you wouldn't have went to the doctor in the first place.

Then what is prayer. Simply put! Prayer is a desire of what you want by putting fort efforts to see it through.
But mainly prayer is keeping a connection with God. Though he is not here with us physically, he is with us in the Spirit. The Spirit is the word of God. With out the word there can be not Spirit. All will be void.

Prayer from the Spirit keep us wanting to see Jesus because we believe in him with out ever seeing him. Prayer keep us relaxed, joyful, and full of strength and hope. When we pray we give God the praise, the honor and the glory because he deserve it being the creator of all things. Being that we are blessed just to be alive upon his earth, breathing his air and using his creation to build and make and of course eating his food. We get pleasure and satisfaction and of a calming feeling of knowing the truth.... Our father which are in Heaven...

We the few that truly love God is lengthing the life of man on earth.
The true power is in each and every one of us. Obedience to the word or Spirit of God through Jesus Christ. I sins can be healed.

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