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As we read into this chapter, we look with the eyes and ears of John, a diciple of Jesus, as he was taken to heaven in a vision. There he sees the 24 elders, which are the saints of God, the Cheribums, and the Angels, all, enjoying themselves in Heaven and being in the presence of God.

But suddenly, there was a great stirring. A stirring they all recognized. Sudden quietness and obedience fell upon the large gathering, as all eyes focus toward the thrones of God. They see amidst the thrones God holding a great book in his hand sealed securely with seven seals. Then a great angel in authority came forth and asked if there were anyone or anybody anywhere in this world and beyond who are worthy enough to approach God and dare to open this great book to reveal what’s inside.

For a seemingly long while, John said, nobody move. He looked towards the saints that was there, and nobody moved. He looked towards the angels and their great might, and nobody moved. He turned toward the Mighty Cheribums which are with God at all times, in great power, seeing all, and worshiping God day and night. But nobody moved.
Why don,t somebody move, John said! Panic set in John. For John knew that if no one in heaven were worthy enough to open the book, that all would have been a big lie. That Jesus would be a lie. This vision he was having would be a lie. Meaning Jesus claiming to be the Son of God would be a lie. Because he said he was the Son of God. He said, he did not count it robbery to be equal with God. He said, he would sit on the right hand of the father, and that he would be my mediator. He said he would not leave me alone. He said he was coming here to prepare a place for me, that where he is I would be also. That all would be a lie.

I don't see him! Where is he? John thought to himself that if Jesus was not real then Satan will win the battle of corrupting the world with sin, and man is still on his way to hell. John begins to sweat. He starts to panic. The shock of nobody coming forth is causing John to come unglued. He was having a literal breakdown. He began to weep like a baby, with tears streaming down his cheeks. John had reasons for his break down. You’ll weep to if the thought of all your serving was in vain. All my preaching was in vain. All my teaching was in vain. All my works for a crown was in vain. No matter what I did for the Lord, it meant nothing. It all was in vain. ......Church! Listen to me! You would’ve had a nervous break down too if you would’ve been there ... saw and waited like John did, and and saw nobody move. The thought of Jesus not being there was too much for his heart, even in a vision.

John weeped so hard until one of the elders came to him and said, John! John! John! Get a whole of yourself man! Weep no more. Dry up your tears John. The one you look for is here. The one you hope for is here. The one born to be king over all is here. The root of David. The lion of Juda. The bright and morning star is here. Your savior and my savior is here. And he's able to open the book.. The elder said look! John Look! Look amidst the thrones of God. There he is! He kept his promise John. He said he would never leave us nor forsake us! Look John, look!

John said I looked. And in the midst of the thrones I saw him stand. There he is , John said. It's Christ the Lord! I recognize him. He looked like a lamb slain. His garment is blood stained. He wears a crown upon his head. I can see the love of the Church upon him. John’s tears immediately dried up as he watched him go before God to receive the book and open it.

When Christ opened the book, a great celebratiion broke out in heaven. Music and singing began to fill all of heaven. The elders, and well over 200 billions  and billions of angels and cheribum shouted praises with great joy. All in heaven now rejoices, because they know Christ the Lord God is a deliverer of his people, and he’s getting ready to put all things under his feet. They rejoice because satan’s reign of terror upon man is about to come to an end. They rejoice because Jesus is the one that was slain for mans sin, and now he stands again to bring an end to sin. To free man from the clutches of Satan.

The hosts of heaven are so happy for what Jesus did for man that they began to cry out, “worthy is the Lamb” who was slain for the sins of the world". John said they were having such a good time praising Christ, that he became so excited, he began to shout in his vision. Even John, out of his body, could not contain himself. John shout out, “Worthy is the lamb for he deserve all the Honour!


Honour (honor) Jesus deserved all of our praises and honor. We honor him for what he did for us on the cross. He brought us back to God when God had gave us up to hell. We wasn’t good enough to save ourselves because of the sin, and filth within us. But when all seem lost. When all seemed hopeless. Here Come Jesus. He said, I’ll die in their place Father. Yes they sinned agains you. Yes, they turned their backs on you. Yes they went after other Gods. But I still love them. Don,t kill them. Kill me instead. I’ll be your perfect sacrifice for their sin, so that their sins may be forgiven by you. I’ll die so that whosoever repent of their sins and believe in me; that I am sent by you; that I am your Son; that I died, was buried, and now sit on the right hand of the father, "they shall be save."

Jesus deserves Honor for what he’s done and is doing in our lives. We praise his holy name for his goodness. I honor him because he let me battle through one more day after day after day and win one more victory after victory over Satan. He let me lay down at night. Watches over me. St his spirit in me to wake me when morning comes. To wake you in the morning. He enabled me to rise up out of my bed. I started to move and had activity of my limbs. I honor him because he care for me.

When I’m feeling longly and by myself, he comes to me and I can talk with him in my spirit mine and heart. He let his words come to my rememerance and immediately I feel alright. He put Joy, Love and peace inside me. And one of therse days I’m going to stand before him. Just as John describes it; one day I'm going to bow before him. Given him the honor. Thanking him, and praising him. And I’m going to shout with the whole host of heaven. “Worthy is the lamb, for he was slain for my sins."