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What is Sunday

Here is something I think is very chilling
Most people don't think the way I do when it come to the things God hate and those things he dislike. I sometime like to put myself in God's place even though I know it's not possible unless I'm in the written word. But, I can't help thinking about certain things I know for a fact that God will not say with praise nor will he ever uphold. One such day out of the seven he dislike is Sun-day or Sunday. Through out the Bible, the days of the week are referred to as the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh day . The day we call Sunday is referred to as the first day of the week(Matt. 28:1, Mark 16:2, Luke 24:1, John 20:1, Acts 20:7, 1 Cor. 16:2). The second is referred to as Monday. The third, Tuesday. The fourth, Wednesday. The fifth, Thursday. The sixth, Friday. And the seventh, Saturday.

(Norse) Norwegian, Scandinavian gods
Now, exactly what do these days represent? (1) First, Sunday (not Scandinavian) is representing the Sun god of many of the pagan's and non pagan religions around the world. Sun worshippers celebrated agriculture, new harvest, first growth, new birth and so forth (King RA). They celebrated the Sun for good harvest, because it was thought to provide strength, vitality, energy, and light necessary for a good harvest. It also represented strength and power for the pagans. This, the first day of the week, was chosen as the day for the sun or Sunday, not Son-day.

Sunday was worshipped early in the morning as the sun rose, and the going down of the Sun. Early morning hymns created by pagans to the sun was sung at this time. They worshipped the sun because they thought it provided life and personal strength. That it controlled destiny in ones life. Life in it was worshipped because it rose from the east and set in the west. It resembled the rising of Jesus from the grave. Thus, sun worshippers believed in life after death. In a heaven to be reborn.(I told you this was chilling)

(2) Monday is representing the moon. Moon worshiping. Many religions prayed to and worshipped the sun and moon together for good crops and war power. Even for personal strength and health.

(3) Tuesday is representing an ancient Germanic god of war identified with Tyr, a Norse god of war in mythology.

(4) Wednesday is representing Odin the supreme Norse god. The father of Thor.

(5) Thursday is representing the Norse god, Thor. He is the god of thunder. The god of weather and crop.

(6) Friday is representing the Lady god, Venus. Venus is the goddess of love and sex. Also called and compared to Aphrodite.

(7) Saturday is representing The god Saturn. Saturn is a Roman god of agriculture by Ops of Jupiter. Ops is the goddess of abundance and the wife of Saturn. Festivals were held in celebration called Saturnalia, in honor of Saturn. Also a day of orgy. A day of the dead. 

There is nothing we can do to not go by the order of things. Meaning, we can't get away from using these words or days of the week. That's the way it is. So maybe Roman 5: 16 -6:16 come into play here when it says " a sin unto death"

The Church, Ancient and Pagan gods
Now, let's do some tough talking. You remember how all of the ordain theologians, pastors, ministers said that God ordained them to preach his word? I think one of the best thing they should say is, "I want to preach", and go ahead and preach. I'll tell you why. You see, we live in a world surrounded by ancient life style and practices. Our life is an everyday worship of pagan and other false gods as you just read. Our speech, thought, heart and soul is emerged into these things. Yet, we see nothing wrong with it. None of the big time ministers teach against it, but rather involved themselves in these activities as well and say, " we can't do anything about it", "that's the way it is". Well we can't do anything about it on a large scale because people are going to do what they want to do. But does it make it right? If God accept me doing these abominable things which are wrong, does that mean it's ok to do some wrong. To do what we want to do, good or bad. To worship whom we please. To collaborate with the world because we believe in Jesus and that make it ok.

I get a funny feelings when I say, "we will meet on Sun-day. Or the first Sunday morning". Or maybe on the pulpit I might say, "it is good to be here on this Sun-day. Or Jesus rosed on Sun-day". Keep in mind that these are not days chosen by any Jewish or Christian religious group, but by Pagans and those of ancient religion. And you must not forget that it was the Church which allowed these name of days to exist. Names such as these are what the Church should be using. For example: The first day of the week of our Lord and so on.... Nothing we can do about.

I want to put a most thoughtful and now chilling thought in your mind. Here it is. Exactly what do God and Jesus (both Gods as one) call this day? Is God calling it Sunday? If he does he would be honoring the Sun as the Sun worshippers did. Is he calling all of the others days of the week by these Pagan and ancient names? Be smart people. You know just as well as I do that he is not. He still hate Satanic worshipping. He will never honor these days as we do. So, we as the Church, do we still honor them? The answer is no! Then what? Well I think it should be brought to notice to all people so that they may know that there are reasons why there are very few or no miracles. Why sickness still plague the Church. Why people have trouble serving God. Why all kind of music is acceptable. Why people are doing all kinds of things in the name of the Lord, when the Lord is far from them. And why God is silent. No answer to prayers.

The pulpit + Easter Sunday
Every time one of these ministers mention Sunday on the pulpits I believe that God turn his back on such ignorance. He has no reason to do no different since the Church share God with the god, Molock.... Nothing we can do about it.

Many Churches on Easter morning worship the Sun just like ancient practitioners of Egypt, Rome, Greek and others did. Christians even call the day set aside for Jesus resurrection,..... Easter. This is in honor of Queen Istar and her gods. Easter has nothing to do with the resurrection. In the old days Easter celebrated new crop life and harvest by Romans, greeks and others. People also celebrated with the (orgy) rabbits and eggs right down to dressing in new things, which represent new life. It came at the exact time as Jesus's resurrection. The Pagans use to argue with Christians as to who's god was the strongest. The Church, trying to Christianize the Pagans, compromised Christian religion. Since the Pagans celebrated their Easter on Sun day, so did the Church accept this day also in order to stop the worshiping of the Sun. But instead of Christianizing the Pagans the Church got caught up in their joy and happiness on this day. Thus we continue to worshipped the Sun and dress in new garbs and things until this day (Read my Easter web page). RA is the supreme Sun god of worship. He's suppose to be the creator of all thing in the universe and world.

Now early on pagan Easter morning, some Churches still worship "RA" the Sun god, by having an early Sunrise Service at Church. They get together and sang hymns. This is pittiful. Yet, all suppose to be in Christ. Celebrating God and the Sun all into one. Ask your paster why he do it. He'll make up some stupid story. But you will forever no the truth.

It is so important to us that we know what we are doing in our Churches. Ministers need to know what they are teaching. And sad to say, they do not know. Thus, the involvement into the cult continue to grow. All ministers need to be question about their knowledge of the Church and the occult. We are living in a time where the world is getting worse and worse. Power that the Church once had has diminished. Compromising is an every day thing. The Church seem not to care as TV ministers heat up the air waves teaching some Bible truth's mixed with false Satanic views and doctrines. When will we wake up and serve God? Will it be when it's too late! God will forgive us for saying Sunday or any other Pagan days, but not the rest unless we stop.

There is a sin unto death. Things out of our control. Is this one of them or What? If not, then what? This is tough stuff. Mannnnn! Think about it. Somebody need to take a stand with me. Isaiah 5:14 says hell expands itself to make room. A lot of Christian would be's will be in it.

Note: I'm teaching the days of the week just to let those "holy than thou"  folks know that they ain't as holy as they say and still live in sin along with the rest of us.

Some things we cannot change and must continue to do. For that, there is a sin unto death! Roman 5:16 - 6:16.

Thanks for hearing.