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The False Church
So-called Christian conservatives,Votes, White Supremacists, Blacks

This is a subject matter that have baffled me, like, forever. That is, how people can claim to be
righteous Christians yet, belong to or share a party that contain the largest and most hateful
groups in America.  I'm talking about none other than the white supremacist groups that are
growing steadily  in this country once again when this sought of radicalism should be well behind

The fact remain as it has always that for hundred of years the KKK has found a home in the
Republican Party under new names with the same ideology because this party best represent their
cause of separation of races.

Another thing I want to point out is that these radical racists groups are the same so-called
Christians attending Church on Sunday today. They are the same people that pump large sumbs
of money to build big and beautiful Curches with big time Republican TV ministers as their

You're saying right now, well how do you know? I no and you will to because we hear it when
so-called Republican Christians bring up the birtha issue on Obama, his autobiography, the
thousands of race jokes on twitter and blogs, the many racist web sights, millions that listen to
racist Rush Limbargh and follow his lead.

And lets not forget coming up with ways to prevent blacks, Latinos and young white college or
non college students from early voting because the majority of early voting favors Obama.

Moving on

I pointed out a few areas of ungodliness to let you see that these, even the Tea Party which is
suddenly low key, are people who claim the Christian faith. They number probably over sixty
millions in the Republican Party along.

So this mean the TV personalities, Christian networks and the local Republican Churches are
some what believers in the white surpremacist cause though silently denying it. But then why
both are Republicans and both believe in the same things as their political leaders does and their
political leaders pray for their votes?

What would Jesus do?

From this I ask the question, "what would Jesus do? This is a phrase that seem to prove the faith
that some one thought meant something if they said it. I don't think so. But either case I'll refer to

So, would Jesus discriminate against his own creation because of color? He colored us. Then the
answer is No! Would he discriminate against another because of the way they talk or look? No!
He gave the dialect and the look. Would he take from the poor and give to the rich? Of course
Not! The poor is also his children. Would he support the right to bear arms when the country is
not at war within? Absolutely Not! Jesus told Peter to put away his blade. He's not about violent
and killing. But live and let live.

Now the kicker. Would Jesus belong to a Party where most of it's members violates the basis
standard of God which is love? Would he turn from that which he intended the world to live by
so others can gain by taking advantage of the weak? The answer is a big fat No!

Then why do the so-called Republican Christians feel this is God's desire for them to do so? To
become conservatives, to steal undercover, to despise undercover, to be a part of hateful ideals
and suspicions undercover, to be length to murderers and guns that destroy innocence lives?

They do it because simply "Birds of a kind (feather) flock together"

A very true saying that is hard to question. Enough of this....

So what is the problem with black Republicans? Why do they feel so proud and comfortable in
the party of white surpremacist? Do they sometime feel like sometime hanging Democratic
blacks? Would they like to hang Obama? Do they think that the insults larged at Obama by right
wing racist do not apply to them also? Do they support the views of white surpremacists also?
Are they taken in by so-called Republican Christians conservative twisted bible teachings?  Are
they really as stupid as they seem? The answer is Yes! But it don't have to be this way.

Both blacks and so-called Republican Christians are on the wrong side of justice, love and
equality for all. Though there are many Republicans in their party I cannot see the Spirit of God
dwelling as the Church in the midst of them. I cannot see God happily saying "this is my Church"
or "this is my party".

What would Jesus do?

But I can see Jesus belonging to the party that share the most love, the most mixed and inclusion
as his races are concern, the most caring and providing and the most protective of the poor. The
Democratic Party though far from pleasing God is more closer to what he want the world to look
and be like. Now if he (Jesus) were trying to build a world where all can be as one, which party
would you choose to best meet his expectations? You guessed it. The Democratic Party.

From this we see that the Democratic Christian Churches need to dig down and realize that there
is plenty of reaching out for salvation still fresh in the United States and around the world. The
time is ripe right now, if you have nothing beside your name in the judgement books, to begin to
rally soldiers for the Lord to reach out to so-called Republican Christians and let them know that
salvation still can be obtained. This is what Jesus would do. Nothing personal, we love you, but
you must be saved. "Come out from among them, saith the Lord".

I have heard this phrase stated so many times...... "Now Go And Tell That'! You think about it!