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Valentine Day is Pagan and not for the Church

As the world move forward, every thing that was once recorded as bad has been rewritten and changed into good by associating it with the Catholic Church or saying it was first celebrated by Christians. As usual the Church will adopt any thing the world say or do with out question. Valentine is another such pagan worship the Church has taken from the world and try to give it to God. But, God don't want the Devil's stuff.

Here is the story associated to Mr whoever. He was probably just a minister or some one given the authority to marry people which he violated. The story goes that he was arrested because he was marrying under aged children which was against the law. He married them any way because he said they were in love, thus, arrested and hanged.

According to legend,  while in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl believed to be the jailor's daughter who visited and brought him food during his confinement. On the day of his death, he handed her a poem, which he signed "Be My Valentine," or "From your Valentine."  The signing doesn't make sense.

Valentine day is associated with love, but not the kind of love the Church thinks. The old boy and winged creature called cupid is the son of Aphoditis. Aphoditis is the goddess of orgies and much sex. Cupid (desire) real name is Eros,the Greek god of loved.  The winged god changed to a boy that shoot sexual arrows into the hearts of lovers. He is also associated with orgies. Orgies is gangs of people engaging in sex with any one at the party.   Aphoditis is associated with a sex powder called an aphrodisiac. This drug is placed slipped in ones drink to get them so dazed out that men could engage in gang sex with both men and women for long hours and even weeks. The receiver cannot resist.

Now this is the kind of stuff the Church engage in. Cupid placed all over the Church walls and tables. Even having a special celebration in honor of love. The words they use to participate is, you guessed it! "God is Love".

No wonder God is silent in the Churches.

I want you to engage your pastor and ask him or her, Why?
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